Monday, May 3, 2010

Sometimes You Need to Ask for Help!

and Sometimes a Picture tells it all!

How can I ever thank you all for the prayers, emails, comments, cards and flowers. Each of you have given me a much needed peace this past week. Christi has been an angel and is still by my side.
She has laughed and cried with me this week! Of course waited on me hand and foot.
Since this happened at work I can not go into full detail as they are still doing their investigations but I can say that I fell from about three or four feet and coming down I hit the back of my head on something very very hard and then landed face down on the floor. I remember when I hit my head and thinking oh my gosh did someone move a safe in here! As far as hitting the floor I must of been out by then because I don't have any memory of landing. My partner found me and called EMS. I remember them asking me a dozen questions and when they put the neck brace and board on my back that is when I realized the pain.
After they get me in the ER, I laid there praying that I did not break my neck. The partner that found me had broke his neck the year before and my mom before she passed away had broke hers in a car accident.
I also had other crazy thoughts that only I could have.....I remember thinking OH NO they can't undress me I  am harrier than the Sasquatch guy! Then I remembered the night before I had started doing a pedicure and only managed to do one foot when the phone rang and never went back to finish.  Along with the hairy legs and half pedicure I thought of the granny panties that I had put on that morning and my socks did not match my uniform and my boots were not polished the way they should be......then on top of all of these thoughts the nurse ask me when was the last time I had a bowel movenment and I thought OH NO did I crap in my pants during the fall. I am telling you guys all kinds of thoughts were going through this pea brain of mine while laying under the bright lights of ER and not being able to move anything. They had taped me to the board and I thought I was paralized because I could not move anything. 
Then I had thoughts of you guys and wondered if I would ever get to enjoy your sites again or write a post myself. Of course I thought I wish my kids were here....
Finally they do a Cat Scan and nothing was broken but I did have the concussion which is my second in less than two years but I know how lucky I am.
Work had called my brother Billy and he and my sister-in-law Linda picked me up and took me to their home until Christi arrived from Austin.
The next day my partner called me to check on me and being the crazy guy he is ask me if I remembered the questions they had asked me while I was lying on the floor. It seems I had told them my age and this was a no no because all the Officers especially him have wondered and asked my age but never would I tell them the truth. Well they all know it now.....hahahaha  They are working with a ole woman!
So other than hurting like heck I am alright. The headaches and back aches are the worse and I was told I would have the headaches for at least 4 to 6 months. I go back to my doctor in College Station tomorrow morning and hopefully he will release me for work......  I of course lay here worried about how far behind I am now with my ranch chores but it will work out.
Need to close because Christi is standing over me telling me back to bed.  I really need to proof read this but guess it is back to bed also I can't see the screen that good so no telling what this post will read. hahahah
Just had to let you know that I think of all of you often and love you!
Thanks so much for loving me the way you do.
The comments have eased my worries and pain so thank you my dear friends...
Love to all,


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