Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wiping Your Dooper!

There are 35 boards in my bedroom ceiling. One board where the ceiling fan hangs looks like a web is being spun by a spider and another looks like a spot was missed the last time it was painted. They all could use the swifter duster. Wonder what the ceiling would look like painted pink. Three walls are soft green and one pink so maybe the ceiling should be pink or what goes with pink and green.

Yep in between pain pills I count and recount the boards on the ceiling. No sleep for three days now. Whoever told me these pain pills would knock me out has no knowledge of meds.

Remember Roy one of the Grumpy Old Men who likes to follow me when I mow…well he showed up thank goodness to mow. Yesterday about noon he rings the door bell to see if I need anything from town and I creep to the door thinking I would have another birthday before I get there. Anyway he stepped in and I turned around to turn on the light so it would not be to romantic looking and him get any ideas and when I turned around he just starts laughing and snorting really hard so I flip on the light and ask him what’s so funny and he says, Well Maggie you have something hanging from your pants. I figured I sat on some cat hair or something so not too worried well low and behold when I ran my hand back there a large stream of toilet paper was in my hand. OMG Maggie turned beet red and Ms. Pearl said, “Who in the heck was trying to wrap me while I was sleeping?” Grabbed all of it tried to act like it was no big deal and then hurried Roy out the door. Good gosh it is hell getting old. Now how in the world do you suppose I wiped my dooper and instead of flushing it I was wearing it? I guess while I am recounting the boards today I can try to figure that one out. Thank God it was just Roy at the door and not some good looking man wanting directions to town. Lol

Love to all



Dictated to Christi and submitted by Christi…(mom is not getting better so we are trying to get her into another neurosurgeon that might do something besides just telling her to lay in bed for 4 weeks until the bones heel. Even as much pain as this crazy women is in she stills wants to talk to you guys on here. I guess when this is all over I am going to have to join the world of blogland….lets see what would I name it…Growing up with Lucille Ball!)

Clint has her now so lets see how that works for her posting…lol…Christi


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