Monday, June 21, 2010

Bugs At The Alamo!

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A Texas mosquito can suck a turkey flat footed. Yep it is true my friends. If you don’t believe me just come on down for a visit. I have known this fact since I was a little girl growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast. Wouldn’t that make for a good tourist ad for Texas you know the ones that say, Ya’ll Come to Texas for your summer vacation?

Now don’t get your spurs out and come looking for me. I love the Longhorn State and was born and raised on the Gulf Coast. Most people have heard the ole saying everything is bigger in Texas well their talking about Mosquitoes. One time my daddy had gone to bed before all us and we heard him holler to my mother. Hurry Chris bring a bat I have one cornered. Yep he was talking about a Texas Mosquitoes.

The reason for my Texas history lesson tonight is I have been trying to increase my walking a little bit everyday because if this ole woman ever wants to get back on her tractors again or wrestle with a few inmates she has got to get her strength back.

Christi came again to take me to a few appointments and then yesterday we walked over to the guest house which is where I try to walk to and back. Well coming back instead of staying on the dirt road I cheated and cut across the grass because I wanted to get back faster and flop my big butt down. Well so much for cheating. Since I went through the grass and she did not I was the one attached by the Texas Mosquitoes. Even my strongest pain pills don’t help their bites. Hahaha Itch my gosh you would think I have bed bugs. I told my grandson Bailey on the phone tonight something about bed bugs and of course he had no idea what I was talking about and actually I did not either. But he said,” Well Grandmayellowhair how many times have I told you that house is just to old for you and Tinkerbell. It was built before the Alamo and you know they had bugs at the Alamo. "

I of course agreed with the little guy and said, “Baby grandma is so proud of you learning about the bugs that were at the Alamo.” He also mentioned that he was going swimming a lot since school was out and he was getting really brown. Goofy grandmayellowhair said, “Well how will I know you when I see you if your getting so brown?” and he said. “Silly grandma just look for the six year old boy!”

You can tell by this post I am still doing the pain pills. I have jumped from Mosquitoes to a brown grandson. Hahahaha

Just had to check in with you tonight because mainly I miss you! Really and truly I miss all of you! It is just not the same not being able to be on here and laugh with you! Your comments are the best and do crack me up.

Christi being here saved the weekend for me because I am starting to feel like Jack Nickleson in One Flew Over the Cuakoo Nest….stir crazy is starting to set in again. I am so ready to be up and around so I can go buy a can of OFF!

Once again Thank You for all your prayers. They are working and I am getting better.

I hope all of you are doing good and I will catch up with all of you soon.

Sweet Dreams



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