Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dan Is Tweaking Me!

Bet that got your attention!  Tweaking sounds like your getting all your joints oiled or something but I looked it up in the dictionary and no it has nothing to do with oil.  If it weren't for bad luck I would not have any luck at all. lol

In all honesty Dan is not tweaking me ....he is tweaking my kitchen! If you remember Dan is the famous blogger fromYesterday Once More whose home was highlighted and written about in the wonderful Country Sampler Magazine.

Now a few post back I mentioned that Dan sure needed to tweak my kitchen because as you know when this ole country house was built they had kitchen in other buildings. My guess is this was the mud room at the back door and when they updated it this is where they put the kitchen. I have no drawers and one cabinet under the sink and one under the stairway. Very small counter space.

I sent him a lot of pictures of my kitchen to see what he can come up with. He promised to not overwhelm me. Since I am still recovering there is no hurry for him to do his tweaking but since he is so gifted as you will see when you visit his blog that I can't help but be excited.

Here are some of the pictures I sent Dan.

These two pictures are one side of the kitchen!

This is a picture of walking into the kitchen and seeing the other side of the kitchen opposite the two pictures up above. See the little stair way leading to the top floor.

On this wall it is just this stairway, a small closet underneath and then the refrig. No counter space so the microwave sits on top of the refrig. A small window on the end wall where you really can't put anything on the floor because of opening the frig.

Hated to show this. It is the space underneath my counter. Dan I love this wooden bowl what can you do with it.
Slept all day after my therapy and got up almost at the time for night time bedtime. So my two pain pills are kicking in and I am off to bed again.
Be sure and stop by Dans site and enjoy him as much as I have. I miss all of you!
Love to all


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