Monday, June 14, 2010

The French Bear Blogazine Story!

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I got through mine by laughing my dooper off reading your comments. You sugars are just too dang funny. Susan from Art of Mine called to check on me last night and she was reading some of them to me and we both were cracking up.

I truly believe laughter is the best medicine for anything. If I had not laughed my way through my breast cancer I would not be here today laughing at your comments. God blessed you with a great sense of humor and blessed me for getting to read them. lol

Suppose to start physical therapy this week and I told Alan the other night (you know the friend of mine that thinks he is funny) I said Can you see me in a bathing suit and the stupid man replied ," I/m trying not to experience that vision!"

This morning I have another Maggie at The French Bear to tell you her story Isn't this the cutest bear.

The French Bear.......hard working wife,mother, and grandmother by day and teddy bear, bunny and doll making the rest of the time. I have been sewing and creating for most of my life. I love to learn new forms of art and to meet and be inspired by other friends who create and stitch. I am married to the “Dutchman” and I love to share photos of my beautiful grandchildren, I have been known to take hundreds of them......

Someday I hope to be able to teach them to sew and create.

My love of hand work and art came from my Mom, Emilia who always taught me to reach for the stars and to create from the heart. For most of my life my sister Karyn was my inspiration, she was a very talented and gifted artist. When I lost both of them, I lost all my desire to be creative.....until I stumbled into the world of blogging.

I haven’t looked back since then, there are so many beautiful and talented artists in this vast community of bloggers. Each one has touched me in some way and I hope to always give back to those who have shown me such kindness and faith.

When I met Maggie, I immediately felt a sisterly bond....not sure if it was partly her and partly Ms. Pearl.....that woman cracks me up!

Thank you Maggie for being a great friend and fellow blogger.

Margaret B “the other Maggie”


Thank you honey for sharing your lovely story with us. Just keep creating don't stop like I did when the fool left. I was writing a book had 25 chapters written and loved doing it. After he left I wrote one chapter and I slit someone throat in it. lol....Did decide to start back on it after getting to know all of you I think I am going to name the book  Here Lay's A Fool.


I miss my Tempation Mondays so I may start those up again. So if you want anything to share with others on Temptation Mondays send  it to me.


Remember everyone has a story to tell so be like the other Maggie and send me yours.


Love to all




PS:  Last night trying to go to sleep I decided you will have to help me give my roommate a name. I can not see me calling her Hey You!


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