Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives Blogazine Story!

Hello Everyone!! Maggie has asked me for quite sometime to share my story and I kept telling her I didn’t know what to write or that it would be boring…so she twisted my arm again and I am going to give this a shot..I hope I don’t put too many of you asleep..J

I was born and raised in West Valley City Utah, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I am the Jan Brady of Sisters..I was a kid born in the 60’s (and wish I remembered it better)..sometimes I feel like I should have been born in the 40’s or a hundred years earlier..I am the only one in my family that loves the primitive/country antique look..I love to decorate and tweek as they say.;) my mom used to change around the living room on a monthly basis and it was always my most favorite room in the house..I suppose some of that rubbed off on me..J

I went to beauty college and had a wonderful time and loved the experience..but met and married my hubby in 85 and traveled all over the world with the Navy..we lived in Naples Italy for 3 years and traveled to Scotland, Ireland (my Fav), Germany, and London, I lived in Orlando Florida for a month, Groten Conneticut for 3 months and then we moved to our current place of residence in Washington State. Been here for 24 years and love it here..We have 7 cats and one dog and we love them dearly..I love to Garden and see all the pretty things growing..

I started sewing as a kid but wasn’t really that into and hated home Ec in school..but a friend taught me how to make one of those fluffy bunnys(80’s) and I was hooked..I have been sewing regularly now for about 24 years and about 2-1/2 years ago discovered machine embroidery!! I am hooked!! I love to incorporate it into my primitive sewing and doll making…I just opened an etsy site and I am having a wonderful time..I have also done ebay when it first opened..I have met so many wonderful folks through blogging and its been 2 years since I started this wonderful journey and I love all the creativity and goodness of all of you out there..I do swaps and oh the treasures I have been given..I love to give to others..but it is always nice to receive as stop by my blog and say hi..  and you can see my items for sale here:

Thank you Maggie for letting me share a little piece of me…Hey are you all still awake?


Yes Gina we are still awake and thank you for doing your story. I always appreciate it when someone does this for me. So if any of you have a story to tell please email it to me or I may have to twist your arm as Gina says I did to her. Margaret from French Bear has sent me hers and you will enjoy reading her story.


Even if you have already told a story your still welcome to tell another one. These stories can be about anything not just about yourselves even though we all love to read about our fellow friends out here. So send your story to


Tinkerbell slapped me awake about 5am this morning to be fed and I could not believe it but I actually got out of bed without moaning and groaning. I actually found myself humming a tune while I poured her breakfast in her bowl. Usually I am fussing because waking up was just a reminder of the day ahead of me in my pain. So hopefully after all your prayers I may be on the road to recovery. I am back to bed now don't want to push it too soon.


Thanks again for all your get well wishes they have gotten me through this period and when I am better I will share some of my crazy experiences in bed. hahahaha

Love to all



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