Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Winner!

Hi everyone sorry it has taken me half the day to announce the winner but it has not been a good day as for as my pain. So I talked a sweet friend into coming by and doing this post for me.

Yep still laid up counting the slats but the doc's insist this will not be forever! Meanwhile I continue to follow their orders and gripe now and then!

I chose the 31st of May to end this contest because it was one of my dearest friends birthday. Barbara and I always celebrated our Birthdays together before I lost her to cancer several years back. We were the same age but since mine fell on the 13th of course I was always the oldest. Then if I closed it on the 31st at midnight I could announce it on my Dad's birthday today. So every year of my blogging I guess I will have to do this to celebrate them and the short time I had with both of them.

Ok now for the winner! I hope Debby of Cozy Blanket  enjoys the Birthday gifts. Congrats Debby and if you send me your address honey I will get someone to package this up and get it to you. My sweet friend Sherry did the Random Generator for me and it was 79 entries and Debby your number came up.

This gift package was little things I collected out at Warrenton. It includes a silver cross, two glass candle holders, a vintage compact, two crossed stitch dollies, two crocheted dollies, a doll head (that I love) that matches a small jewelry box, small two heart old picture frame and of course the Evening in Paris in its original box from 1948 or before.

When this pain is gone and I am released from the all the doctors, I have another giveaway to celebrate my recovery.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the get well wishes and prayers. The only thing I hate about giveaways is there is only one winner...oh how I wish I could send you all something.

Dan is having a awesome and I mean awesome giveaway so be sure and stop by and enter his but I have to warn you this one was meant for Maggie! lol

Love to all



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