Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Quote that reminds me of You!

Another beautiful picture painted by my lovely friend Mary Ellen Shipnes!
Her art makes me happy so I wanted to share it with you!

It is two in the morning and the pain woke me even though I had taken my nightly pain meds and was even lying flat on my back like the doctor ordered. I tried to convince Tinkerbell to go to the kitchen and get me a Diet Dr. Pepper and some crackers so I could take another pill…she rolled her big fat self over and looked at me like ….yeah right!! I thought out loud where she could here me while getting the stuff myself, “Well just wait till in the morning when you are slapping me awake for your food. I’ll roll my equally fat body over and look at you funny too.”

Anyway I propped a zillion pillows behind my back and thought I should catch up with all of you till the pain pill kicks in then sweet dreams or should I say nightmares because that’s what those pills give me.

As most of you know this fool that writes this blog fell at work and broke two of her vertebrae’s in her back and if that were not enough got a concussion to go with it. My partner that found me thank God had the sense not to move me and called 911 which was in the next office over and they got the EMT’S there fast and took me to the emergency room. They only did a CAT scan of my head because of the goose egg knot on it and then they released me saying take a few days off. Well because of the Doctor not doing his job in the ER and examining me other than my head I might not be still lying here in such pain. I literally had to beg their Workwoman’s Comp doctor to do a MRI on my back, neck and brain because the pain was unbearable. It took them three weeks to do this and for three weeks I did not know I had two broken vertebrae’s. Now it’s like I can’t get well! I truly believe if they had did something from the beginning instead of sending me home I might have had a chance of recovering a lot sooner and a lot less pain.

I guess because the walls are caving in on me and I am going stir crazy that I wrote this. But I also wrote it to let you know that anytime you get hurt from a fall especially one as bad as this one. Don’t let them send you out the door with an ice pack and aspirins. Demand they do some test and save yourself months of pain.

Also please don’t climb on anything even a latter unless there is someone there to hold it for you. Take it from one who knows it could be the last time you ever climb on anything.

My Sheriff and others there at work have been really great and supportive to me but I feel guilty leaving them short handed and not healing faster. Also I can’t work here on the ranch for Barbara and that makes me feel bad. I truly believe those three weeks of no help has caused me a lot of undue hurt and misery.

Enough on that subject. What I really wanted to say to you tonight is the quote that I think of often when I think of you. I feel it was written for me. Read it and hang it over your computer and when you are as fortunate as I am with the friends I have met on here then I will know you will say OMG how true this is and then you will say it was written for me.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive”…anais Nin

Thank you for being my friend and getting me through these past two months.

Sweet Dreams



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