Friday, June 11, 2010

Scary Things Happening at the Ole Farm House!

Hello all my dear sweet friends! It is still lala land over here at the North Forty. Up all last night in pain so I took a double dose tonight to see if maybe I could get some rest even though a double dose means Steven King dreams. The dreams or nightmares I have been having on these pain pills is worth at least one long post. Lol

Remember I promised to tell you about some of my experiences in bed while counting the slats on my ceiling. For you that are just here for the moment I should explain that I suffered a tremendous fall at work and on the way down from about 5 feet I hit the back of my head on a shelf built with two by fours and then somehow landed face down on the concrete floor. Turns out along with a concussion I have broke two vertebras. This was six weeks ago and it feels like it happened yesterday. Yes, I am a big cry baby…pain and I don’t mix very well especially longer than a day.

I feel after this post my list of followers will drop to may two but here goes my story. Actually in my defense you all knew I was somewhat crazy when you started following me so that being said think before you delete. Hahahaha

This ole farm house I live in is well over a hundred years old. Haunted I will leave that up to you to decide. The night I moved in two of my crazy friends decided they wanted to spend the night with me because they thought it would be fun to have a sleep over the first night in this ole house.

Alan and Shirley are a lot of laughs and they were a big help setting up my beds so we could all have a place to sleep. Turns out sometime during the night Shirley comes bursting into my room jumps in bed with me telling me she kept hearing noises. Not long after she joined me here comes Alan abut 3 in the morning telling Shirley to scoot over he was sleeping with us. I protested until they both insisted they heard something upstairs moving around.

I thought Jeezzzzzzzz Marie this is dumb I going to sleep where Shirley was and so I moved to that room. Well you guessed it thirty minutes later or less I was in bed with those two crazies.

This was where I had to live so I told myself it was nothing and forgot about it. Then one day Tinkerbell and I are upstairs and I am ironing my uniform for work. Out of the blue Tinkerbell’s hair stands up on her back and she breaks her neck running out of the room and down the stairs. Yep I was right behind her. She was sitting at the bottom of the stairs just staring up at me and I went down to her. Never could coax her back upstairs but I waited a while then finished my ironing.

On another occasion after this I think it was all my children were here spending the night. My son Clint and his wife Andrea were in one bedroom, me and my grandbabies in my room and Chad and Christi in the living room. Christi slept on the couch and Chad on a blow up bed in the living room floor. Even with beds upstairs they chose to do this. The next morning I got up and Andrea is in bed with Chad. I laughed and ask her what the heck and she said she saw an old woman in the room with her and Clint. I told her it was probably me getting up during the night checking the heat and she insist it was not me.

Well don’t fall out of your chairs laughing but more than once I have felt the bed moving like it does when Tinkerbell has jumped up on it and walks over to cuddle up beside me. Several times or maybe half dozen times I look and there is no Tinkerbell anywhere around. Yet I still can feel the moving. First time it happened I could not get out of the bed fast enough.

What does this have to do with my experiences while laid up 24/7 for the last 6 weeks? Well I just wanted to share these experiences with you so you would not think I am way over taking the pain pills.

Ok one Neurosurgeon told me to lay flat on my back for four weeks no pillow just flat. Another one told me it probably would not hurt if I lay on my side now and then. Good golly Ms Molly who do you agree with. So for weeks I did the flat thing wanting so badly to get well. One evening my brother Billy and his wife Linda came by to bring me some groceries and I was telling them about how I missed sleeping on my side and they said well to try it and see if it hurts me. So that night after they left I took my pills and was laying flat and could not sleep so I rolled over on my side. I know your not going to believe this but I was just getting comfy and all of sudden I was pushed really hard on my back. I know your thinking crazy. Well just think what I thought when it happened. Also it was not a gentle push. I am laying there trying to figure out what just happened and in a few minutes I roll over to my other side and it happened again. Then I feel the mattress move just like Tinkerbell jumped up on it and then the movements toward me. The thing about that was Tinkerbell was already in bed and not moving toward me. It took me less than a minute to get the heck out of that room but I have to tell you Tinkerbell beat me to the door.

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I know your thinking I am drugged up but sugar I have gone over and over this in my head and I know that it happened before I fell a sleep and I did not do it so you tell me do I have someone else living with me besides Tinkerbell?

My dad’s sister use to tell me ghost stories of their old country home when they were kids and my dad would get mad at her for telling us the stories. I myself never really believed her stories but boy could she tell some good ones. Now I find myself telling one almost as good as hers.

Well hope I have not scared you off from my site because I love each and every one of you.

Sweet Dreams


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