Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thinking of You!

Hey everyone have missed being on here. Still doing my best to mind the doctors and Christi. It seems to be Easier to mind the doctors. lol  If I could only sleep like this little guy I would get well sooner.

Been blessed with a good day every now and then but then the pain takes back over and its like in the beginning when I first hurt myself. To say I going stir crazy is an understatement. Not sure how much longer I can do this....starting to go a little nuts.

 Hope all of you are doing good. Miss visiting your sites. Hopefully will catch up soon.

A very nice CSN representative contacted me about doing a review for them since I had did a giveaway of Paula Deen pans not too long ago. It is strange they wrote me because just a few days before my land lady Barbara and I were emailing back and forth about purchasing a new vanity for her guest house. She does a lot of on line buying since she travels extensively and I mentioned CSN to her and how many nice reviews I have read about their merchandise. Saturday she called me to thank her for sending her their website.

So in the future I hope to be able to do a review about one of their many products. Also when I am on my feet again for longer than ten minutes at a time  I will be doing another giveaway.

Today I wanted to show you a few gifts I received as get well wishes. Once again I can not thank you enough for all the get well wishes and prayers.

Susan from Art Of Mine sent me this beautiful Bracelet. Isn't it the sweetest and dainty bracelet.  I love wearing it and thinking about Susan. She is one of the reasons blogging is delightful.

Donna from Brynwood Needleworks made this gorgeous heart that you would not believe the detailed work involved in this heart. Everyone that has been lucky enough to visit Donna's site knows how incredibly talented and gracious she is.

Lisa Davis from The Davis Dialogues made me these wonderful tags. It is something how gifted so many ladies are in blogland and I have found Lisa to be one of them too. She always makes you feel welcome on her site.

LuLu Kellogg fromCoastal Sisters made me a one of a kind necklace that she designed just for me. It is like no other piece of jewelry I have ever own. Just beautiful like all of her unique jewelry she creates. LuLu has also been very sick and I hope by now she is back creating and doing her blog.

I  love all of these gifts and  I also appreciate more than I can say all the cards, comment and emails. You are the greatest and I love all of you.

A friend of mine wrote me an email the other day and he told me my days of working in the circus were probably over with since my fall. He said there wasn't much use anymore for short ole ladies doing somersault's off  shetland ponies any more. He's one of those guys who thinks hes funny!

Now that I have been lying in bed I get more phone calls than normal so of course I went over my usage so my kids talked me into getting a new plan with texting and internet. So now I have to figure out how to do all of that. I did manage to pull up a couple of your blogs but I could not figure out how to leave you a comment. Can you leave comments on someones blog from a phone. lol

Oh I did find out and will do a post about it later but since I have been locked in this house 24/7 I did find out that Tinkerbell and I have someone else living with us that I can't see but she might...hahaha...thats the stories I wanted to tell you about what has happened to me in bed a couple of times....tooo crazy

Love to all



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