Monday, July 5, 2010

Hemorrhoid's and a Lovely Giveaway

Hi everyone,

Lets start first with the lovely giveaway! Sorry Donna for putting your giveaway along with this other nasty word.

Donna at Brynwood Needle Works

We all know and love Donna well if I did not love you too then I would not be telling you about this giveaway because if you do the math this lessens my chances of winning.. But it is no secret the love I have for you so go on over and put your name in for a chance to win this gift.  It is of course coming from Donna a one of a kind piece that we all will drool over and pray to win.

Okay you all know that is if you are faithful to my site and keep up that sometimes Ms Pearl rears her ugly head and says things she regrets pretty much after they are out of her mouth.  This morning I woke up with all kinds of new pains that I have not been having over the last two months plus to top that off I dreamed I was dancing cheek to cheek with a step Uncle of mine that I never liked because he was mean to my Mama. In fact since they have me all doped up I have the strangest dreams. Another post I suppose.
Sorry back to what I was saying. Oh yeah Ms. Pearl I guess is fed up with this lying around, going nowhere, doing nothing , not working  and just hurting. So she sends her Sgt. a text this morning and told him ....I had rather have hemorrhoids  coming out of both ends than to keep living like this!
Good gosh she even hit the send button.  Now Maggie is here wondering why in the world Ms. Pearl would send such a email to her Sgt.
What really upsets me is I have learned from experience you had better be careful what you wish for or put out in the universe because Lord knows Maggie does not need hemorrhoids from both ends or maybe she already has them since she was stupid enough to text this to her boss,
Not even sure if I spelled hemorrhoids right that just does not look right to me.
Anyway back to that hard bed!
Love to all


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