Monday, July 19, 2010

My Test Results!

Hello everyone,

Tonight I was going to post another wonderful Blogazine story written by Dulcy along with my test results but did not want to take away from Dulcy's story so be sure and come back tomorrow for that post.

I finally got thru to my Doctors Nurse and she said she had be trying to call me all last week and I told her the same but they would not put me thru to her. She was calling the wrong number.

Anyway the results were somewhat a shock to me and I am beside myself right now so will make this a short post. Now that will be a first. Right!

The mass under my breast is a hiatel hernia which she said that the doctor was not as worried about that as he was about the lymph nodes around my colon are swollen.  So now I am waiting on a doctor to schedule me a colonoscopy.  Yes the dreaded oh colonoscopy test that I have never had and of course now regret that I have not ever had one.

Of course I did the big No NO and looked up swollen lymph nodes around the colon and that was a mistake. Would not be so worried but with my history of Breast Cancer I have to admit I am scared.

It's been a long weekend waiting to know something and now I kind of wish I did not know anything. lol

Once again I thank you for all the prayers and encouragement. I can not imagine not having you in my life.

It's about the only thing in my life this past year that I don't regret.

Thanks for being my friend!

Please come by tomorrow and welcome Dulcy.

Love to all



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