Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pool Therapy!

Smile its friday Pictures, Images and PhotosJust thought for a change of pace I would share my pool therapy experiences with all of you.

The very minute the neurosurgeon mentioned that I was going to be doing pool therapy my brain went into overdrive visioning myself in a bathing suit. I completely blocked out everything else he was saying to me and just sat there thinking that if anyone sees me in a bathing suit they will need therapy afterwards. Thank goodness Sharon was with me in the room because I knew she would hear what I did not.

Never mind the man was explaining to me about how I needed to lay flat on my back for the next 8 weeks and did I have someone at home to take care of me. Nope did not hear anything except the words Pool Therapy!

I live in a small town that was established way back when Columbus found America. Never did my history on the town since this is not where I was born and raised but most of the old families are of German descent. Your thinking here she goes off on a totally different story than the one she started. But you see all the way back from the doctor’s visit from College Station I was telling Sharon the only bathing suit I am getting into will be one like they wore in the 1900’s. She of course being the friend she is started calling every woman in town over 85 asking them if they had one of those bathing suits. She even put it on our Country Store. Desperately in need of a woman’s bathing suit from the early 1900’s. Thank God she did not tell them why she wanted one. Since Sharon is a collector of everything no one probably thought anything of it.

No luck so now what. I talked to the people at the Rehab place and they told me I could wear anything that was not cotton so if I found shorts and T-shirts that were not cotton that would be fine.

Usually when I have a crazy problem my friend Alan and I laugh about it on the phone. He usually being older than me can come up with some pretty good ideas sometimes I listen sometimes I lay the phone down and go do other things. This was one of those times I should of laid the phone down because I said something like can you just see me in a bathing suit and he replied, "That is a vision I am trying real hard not to experience!" Smart alec!

He suggested I go to the men’s department at Wal Mart and buy what he wears around the house during the summer because they are so comfortable and they were 100 percent polyester. So I go to Wal Mart went right where he told me they would be and bought me a pair of men’s polyester shorts and tank top. Tried them own in the dressing room and since they were men’s the outfit pretty much looked like the bathing suits they wore a century ago. The shorts were long and baggy and the top well we want go there.

A kind sales lady there new what I looking for so she brought me several women’s bathing suits to the dressing room and tried to convince me that I should buy one of those instead. I tried them own and actually screamed when I turned and looked in the mirror. Oh my Gosh it is hell getting old. Well I told her no but heck no I was sticking to men’s outfit.

Well that night our sweet friend Susan from Art of Mine called to check on me and of course I explained to her what I did and she is laughing on the other end trying to imagine me going to therapy in what I had bought. She then saved the day by telling me that she had been to a Wal Mart there and saw some cute women’s bathing suit shorts with tops that matched. I told her I was sure they did not have them at mine because the kind ole lady there never showed me anything like what she was talking about. I did promised Susan I would go back and see if they did have anything like she was talking about.

Much to my surprise they did have them and once again a friend from Blog land saved my day. I bought the biggest pair of white shorts they had because the black ones were only in small sizes and I found a cute top to go with the shorts. I take them in the dressing room and the shorts are fine except for white on white you could not tell where the shorts ended and my legs began. But the top was a different story. It was of course low cut and backless with two straps. I kid you not in this top my boobs looked like they had dropped to my waist. No support I guess might give you that look. Not sure because I know I am not that old yet. Getting there yes but Jeezzz Marie. So I played with the straps and pulled them up several inches and thought well this might work if I take it home and tack them up.

Traded the men’s outfit for this one and felt a little better about being seen in public in a bathing suit. Of course while shopping I bought the biggest beach towel they sold so I could cover my bod up walking to the pool.

As the day got closer I tried on the suit again and realized just too much cleavage for a woman my age. Plus my tattoo from my radiation treatments showed and if you can see that then you can see too much of my breast. Hahaha I kept thinking okay what next. I went into my one and only closet in this ole farm house and started searching for something that might work under it. I found a tank top that was not cotton and it had you know one of those built in support things where you could wear it without a bra. Bingo I put in on under the bathing suit and NOT Bad at least my front was covered.

Well the day I dreaded came and I went into the dressing room to change. I guess I was taking too long because one of the instructors came to find me. I don’t know if she thought I had fallen or what but she hurried me out of there.

I rounded the corner from the dressing room to the pool area and immediately I thought I was an extra in the movie Cocoon. You know the movie about all the old people that gather in this pool and all kinds of things happen to them from outer space and they feel like a million dollars. Would you believe all of sudden I felt like Marilyn Monroe! I felt young and alive because everyone in the pool had to be a good twenty or thirty years older than me. Isn’t it strange how God answers so many of our prayer’s even the small ones. I wasn’t afraid of sending someone into therapy for seeing me in my suit because I figured at the distance I was from them most of them poor things could not see me.

Once in the pool I felt good because then they could only see me from the neck up. The pool felt good and since my fall I felt good and so I enjoyed doing the little exercises they gave me to do. I was even having so much fun watching the others that I did not keep count of how many I was doing. Which turned out to be a big mistake two days later. By Sunday I hurt so bad I could not get out of bed. You can bet that when I went yesterday I made sure I did no more than the ten count and maybe sometimes I might have stopped at 8.

The only thing bad is the pool is small and at times too crowded and the first day I kept running into the old man who had his leg stuck out in back with a weight on it. He was tall and I could not figure out why he was in the four foot end where I had to be to keep from drowning. So I kept bumping into him and I did it so much he thought I was flirting with him. He started grinning from ear to ear and winked at me. That’s when I decided what the heck I will go to the deep end and take my chances of drowning.

Still no word on my test but with all your prayers I just know the results will be fine. I went back to the workers comp doctor today and she would not release me until August 6th and that was only if it was desk duty and light duty and only four hours a day. Well there is no light duty in law enforcement and we work 12 hour shifts so I dropped the paper work off with my Captain he looked at it and shook his head. What that means I don’t know but we shall see. I seriously doubt they will consider letting that happen so I will continue to go stir crazy looking at the ceiling a while longer.

Loved the Blogazine story Karen did for all of us. Thanks Karen for taking the time to do it.

Also thank you all for all the lovely comments and encouraging words. I hope to catch up on all my blogging visits.

Love to all



Sorry did not realize this post was a chapter long! Will of course let you know my results as soon as I know them.


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