Friday, July 16, 2010

Warning Cheating Penguin on Facebook!

Yesterday I opened up my emails and there in the inbox was a message from someone sending me a message on facebook. Did not recognize the name but opened it anyway to see what it was about.

Turns out it was a very strange email from a woman I have never heard of and still have not a clue who could she be. She wrote, “Please Do Not take my Cheaten Penguin Bas****  boyfriend away from me!” Of course my first reaction was “Whoa what is this idiot talking about and what is a Cheaten Penguin?”

Sadly it was the most pitiful email for a woman to write another woman. I felt bad for her that she felt like she had to beg another woman to leave her man alone. She goes on about how he finds women all the time on facebook then becomes friends with them and drops her for a while and uses the other woman and then comes back to her. According to her they have been together over 15 years and he has done this many times and she felt that I should be warned about him. Then after her begging the woman shifts gears and starts saying how she was the one that was in his arms now and for me to back off. She also mentions that they do plan on getting married.

She explains to me that she has found where he has been writing me emails and trying to get to know me. Funny that I don't have any emails on my facebook from some Penguin.

So here I have an email from a total stranger one minute begging me to leave her Cheaten Penguin Bas **** boyfriend alone and the next warning me to back off. First of all I have been lying flat on my back in bed for two months alone except for Tinkerbell and have not had the time nor the desire to chase a man much less one that looks like a Penguin.

Well you guessed it Ms. Pearl comes out and starts typing a reply to this woman. If you are a follower you know Ms. Pearl can and does get somewhat carried away when she thinks someone is stepping on her toes.

Ms Pearls reply was

Who in the heck are you? What makes you think that I would want to date a Penguin? First of all I never have dated a Penguin and why at my age would I start now. Next lady I certainly would not want a piece of crap like you are trying to hang on to and why PLEASE tell me do you want him? No one on this earth is worth having if you have to beg other women not to steal him away from you. Come on! To think you would even consider marrying a man like this is crazier than anything I have ever done and believe I HAVE done some crazy things.

Please send me $50.00 for my advice and if you need more advice the price will go up!

Well I did not hit the send button because I have not replied to this email yet. I did forward her email to my friend Alan and this is what he sent me back today to send to her!

Dear So and So,

I wanted to thank-you for your very informative email. I just wish I would've received this before I let him spend the nite. But too late for that. Anyway I am really confused as to why you are trying so hard to keep him cause he sure isn't very good in bed. But then I guess you may be really easy to satisfy. That brings me to the main reason I wanted to reply to your email and that is I was wanting to make sure that you knew I told him in advance about the herpes warts but he didn't seem to care. He was in a hurry but I am sure you are familiar with that. So don't call me when you break out with that disgusting medical problem. One last thing…do you really think if you marry that cheating penguin bast…. he will stop his errant ways? Think about it . You can sprinkle sugar on a turd but it still smells like sh**…

OF Course I did not send that one either!

I am ashamed to admit that last night Alan and I laughed our fool heads off for quite a while about this email from this stranger. We were laughing so hard because she kept calling him a Cheaten Penguin. Is that even a word Cheaten? Also Alan and I could not figure out was she trying to say her boyfriend looks like a Penguin or is there such a thing going around now called a Cheaten Penguin Bas.......Let's face it I am behind on things after being confined to my room for two months.

The email in itself was nothing to laugh at because obviously the woman not only has wrote the wrong girlfriend but it is terribly sad that any one would stay in a relationship such as the one she is obviously involved in with this guy.

Alan will now for the next week or so be sending me every joke in the world about Penguin's and of course drilling me about my activities on facebook. Like I have explained to him over and over I only got on there to play their game Farmville with my granddaughter and that never happened and I rarely sign in to it because it is really not my thing. Obviously it is for some people though. hahaha

Now my question for you my friends is what reply should I send to this woman or should I even reply. I know all of you can beat Ms. Pearls reply and possibly Alan's. So give it a try.

After reading Kim's last comment to me on the post before this I am not sure she will believe that I am innocent of all charges.

Another question I know we all get pretty crazy on here sometimes and do you possibly think someone that reads my blog and knows I am on facebook wrote me this as a joke. Bunny honey are you playing a joke on me or JoJo or Shell come on someone confess.

This afternoon I called the Doctors office for the third time about my C scan and of course they gave me the same ole run around that when the doctor knows anything he will call me. Well I almost cried to hear this knowing that I had already waited a week and now a long weekend ahead with no news.

Oh well as the saying goes No News Is Good News. Things could be worse I could have a Cheaten Penguin Boyfriend!

Sweet Dreams


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