Monday, August 30, 2010

Discombobulated Part II

Hello everyone hope you had a great weekend. Wanted to continue from my last post about being Discombobulated!

Remember my friend Alan told me He was so discombobulated he did not know what to do. Well I had no idea at the time what he was talking about and the first thing that came to my mind was he saying he is constipated. lol...Lord knows I had never heard this word and why I associated comstipation with it I have no clue. Do you do that too?

Ended up after listening to the nut he was telling me that his life was upside down since his son had moved back home with a lot of his things and a dog the size of a pony that lives inside. lol

Alan's home is a small older house built in the 1800's. No closets and accomadations for a oversized dog or anyone besides himself.

Well then after I realized what he was saying I told him I too was discombobulated because the owner of the ranch I live on rented out the guest house and moved some of her pieces into my home. I showed you the antique twin beds and how big they are in my last post. These beds now take up my sitting room I had in my bedroom. So to make room for them I moved my wicker into the front room where my round antique dining room table sits.
I had them put the Round Antique Table in the corner by the fireplace. I think it looks out of place since it was in the middle of this side of the living room.
Some of my wicker they put upstairs where I am going to try and have my bedroom by winter time.

On the other side of the room they moved out my chairs that matched my sofa and put her pink chaise and green striped chair. Along with a pink ottoman.
Doesn't really match my sofa so I may have to do some more
Love this comfy chair of hers with green matches my walls really well.
This is looking at the other end of the room from where my wicker sits.
After much moving around by my brothers and friends I had to put some of the larger pieces in the barn.

See how crowded everything is now. Please do not enlarge pictures and see all the dust and
Here is Tinkerbell trying to sharpen her paws on my table. Poor baby does not know there are none there to sharpen. This table and another one is her favorite place to scratch away.

So now you can see why I am Discombobulated like Alan. Too much in one room...if I could ever get well I could maybe get the upstairs cleared out and make a bedroom and sitting room there. That would help a little with this room.

I am still hurting a lot but go back to College Station to see doctors on Tuesday and September 8th.

My computer must be discombobulated too because it took me two hours to load these pictures where it usually would only take make 15 minutes. Jeezzzz Marie!!!!

Oh I can not wait to do a post about the young lady that now occupys the guest house. She is a screen writer hiding out here to write for a year.  We got to spend some time today together and I found her to be a very sweet adorable young lady. Looking forward to reading some of her work and maybe she can get me back into writing my book.

Love to all


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