Thursday, August 26, 2010


Look at these twin antique beds!
Headboard with woman's face!
Foot board with same design!

As most of you know I live in a farm house that is over a 100 years old. The lady that owns this ranch lives in Nevada and I have worked for her and the Sheriff's Dept for the last four years.
What does this have to do with these beds? Well on this ranch there is another old house that she used when she came to Texas. It had these beds in it along with some other beautiful pieces.  She decided she wanted me to find a renter for the place and for the last month I have been dealing with taking rental applications. We finally decided on a very beautiful young lady that is a writer looking for a place to live and write. Can't wait til I can do a post about her. You will love her.
So guess who gets most of the furniture in the other house moved into her house. Yep that would be me.
My house was already full of my furniture and antiques so now I am looking like a hoarder.
These two twin beds are made with special long mattresses so the beds are huge. I had to give up my sitting room in my master bedroom in order to find a place for these beauties.
In my sitting room was a wicker sofa, chairs, and several different wicker tables. The guys are moving this all around trying to find room for everything and since I can not lift I am getting really bewildered befuddled flustered confused and lost.
After they leave I call my friend Alan thinking he can calm me down because I know longer have the house that I have worked hard to make a warm inviting home
. He answers the phone and I can tell right away that this is not the funny crazy Alan that can cheer up even an Old mean junk yard dog.
We have not talked in weeks so I asked what was wrong! He said, "Maggie I'm so discombobulated today that I don't know what to do!"
I am on the other end thinking what the sam thunder does he mean by discombobulated! He then starts explaining to me that his son and DL are seperating and son has moved in with him.
Oh Maggie you just would not believe what it is like to have your home completely messed up with someone elses furniture and things all over the place.
I then laugh and of course he wants to know whats so funny because you have to know that Alan is a very very neat person and to the point that he and his girlfriend have not married because she can not keep her place tidy.
I said, "Well honey that's why I called you today because I'm so discombobulated!"
What are the chances we were both dealing with the same problem except thank goodness my furniture does not come with a live in and I learned a new word today DISCOMBOBULATED!
Now Dan has tweaked my kitchen who is going to tweak the rest of the house!
I will take pictures of the mess and see if we all can figure out how I can get my house back!
Here's hoping your not Discombobulated today!
Sweet Dreams


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