Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Emergency Blog Contact

Go to Shell's Bungalow Bing Blog  and pick up this button for your side bar. She wrote a beautiful post the other day about one of her blog friends going MIA in blog land and she is worried about her so she contacted our famous and talented LuLu Kellogg of Coastal Sisters to come up with a Emergency Contact Button.
If you post this button on your sidebar and for some reason you have not posted in weeks and we get offended or worried about you then we can contact your emergency contact.

What a sweetheart you are Shell to come up with this idea and the button LuLu is just beautiful. Perfect for this cause..... two hearts. How LuLu comes up with her creations is beyond me. Here lately I can't make a decision on what toilet paper to purchase.
Shell says, "thought it would be good for us to have an Emergency Contact on our sidebar. Chose and inform ONE blog friend OR an Email Contact under the button that can be reached in an Emergency. Don't forget to email your contact and advise and Post the Button and a link! ~~

Shell mentioned LuLu is under the weather but she still took the time to design this Button. What blog friends do for each other is amazing.
Be sure and read the post that started all this too. It will explain what I am trying to tell you in my post but not doing a very good job of it.

I keep promising you Maggie will be back but I am beginning to wonder that myself.  The doctor does not know what is causing me to be so sick so they are going to do blood work.
Also my heart is breaking in half because my baby brother Gary most likely has Throat Cancer and we will not know for a week or so because he lost his job in April and now they won't do anything until he can get insurance which at the earliest will be Sept 1. His lymph nodes have been swollen really bad for a while now and the doctor in Houston thinks it is cancer but yet sends him home. This doctor is definitely not a blogger.  Sending out those prayers again.
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Love to all


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