Monday, August 2, 2010

Golly Jeezzz Am I Loosing It!

I am telling you it is a good thing I don't have to worry about this because the way my mind is working I would probably not know which room was the bedroom.
Yep if it's not one thing with me it's ten dozen others. Lately I can not remember whether I am coming or going.
I woke up hurting about 3:00 am this morning and crawled over Tinkerbell to get out of bed so I could take one of my pain pills. Low and Behold they were not on my coffee table in my bedroom where I usually keep them so I go to my purse and their not there and for the next 45 minutes I am tearing my house up looking for those darn pills.

Your going to think I am crazy but I looked in places that not even I would think to look but I have heard and read that sometimes when people are having memory problems they put things in some seriously weird places. I looked in my freezer, in the refrigerator, bathroom cabinets and even crawled on the floor in my bedroom thinking maybe they rolled under my furniture. Finally after almost not being able to get off the floor I decide to give it up and take another pill that was also for pain but not quite as effective as the one I have been taking.

So being the worrier that I am I laid in bed and replayed the day trying to think what in the world could I have done with those pills. I remember I finally washed that silly electric blanket and thought that maybe when I walked by the table with the pills on it somehow they jumped inside the blanket and I washed them. I know silly idea but I have washed my cell phone before so anything is possible. Right?

I checked the washing machine and no pills. So the hunt was on again when I got up this morning. It is very upsetting to know that you can loose something so easily. Good God this getting old is so for not me. What an ordeal! I could write a page telling you all the places I looked but you would really think I am crazy if I shared some of those spots with you. Finally gave up and about 5:30 this evening I am getting hungry and I open the little kitchen closet and yep up there with my canned goods are my pain pills. Who would of thought in with the canned goods.

Darling this is just one example of my memory problems. I just hope I don’t forget that I have a blog that needs some attention now and then. Lol

Hope everyone had a good relaxing weekend. I got lucky again and got a visit from my son Chad who lives in Dallas and my daughter Christi from Austin. Needless to say I enjoyed every minute they were both here. They took me to the movies to see Salt with Angelina Jolie and of course on the way home they both laughed because they had to explain the darn movie to me. Confusing to say the least. Give me a good ole comedy with Diane Keaton where I don’t have to think is about my speed now.

I do remember I am having a giveaway so if you have not entered please do so. It closes soon.

Sweet Dreams



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