Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Do You Undo a Curse!

When do you think I will learn my lesson? My last post I had fun with a little ole lady having gas at the therapy pool….it was all in fun. Did not mean anything by it but let me tell you be careful what you put out in the universe.

Since Thursday night I have had the big D word! Yep Diarrhea and I mean the kind that makes you start thinking is this how I going out of this world, on the pot. I thought of Elvis dying in his bathroom and looked around at mine and wished it were cleaner.

Honestly I never seriously believed in Voodoo or cruses but I am starting to reconsider my thoughts on this and believe that some fool out there has cursed me big time. Look at what all has happened to me since the end of April. Now I have the D word from hell. I tell you I have never not even with the prep of the colonoscopy had I run like this to the bathroom. All night Thursday, Friday, Saturday and part of today. God I thought I was going to die. My girlfriend Sharon brought over some Imodium yesterday and I have just about taken the whole package. I was desperate. A person could die from all that crapping.

At one time during the night I even considered making a pallet near the commode but since my back injury my floors aren’t for sleeping on so I just kept the running back and forth. After nearly a whole box of Imodium I feel like it might be over but whom in the heck knows. All I know is this has been the weekend from hell and I am starting to think I know who is behind all my luck.

Remember I had to get that crazy woman out of my house because she would not pay her rent until the end of the month and how filthy I found my home when I approached her about the rent. She went off on me and started waving her big floppy arms around and sticking her finger in my face. Do you think all that waving and dancing was some kind of spell she was putting on me? Since that day my life has been upside down.

So how does one undo a curse? Good question! I guess that if I can stay off the commode long enough I will google that question.

And you know what is really strange since my accident. Ms. Pearl has gone into some deep dark hole and has not come out. It’s like she knows better than to confront a curse. All I know is I want my life back and Ms. Pearl better get herself out of hiding and do something about what ever the heck is going on in my life.

By the way how was your weekend?

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Sorry I have not been blogging or catching up with all of you.  One of these days my life will be normal again.

Love to all



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