Monday, August 9, 2010

Maggie's U Matter Giveaway!

Once again I have been fortunate to be able to share with you a giveaway from CSN Stores. They contacted me about doing a giveaway and I eagerly accepted knowing that you love giveaways and shopping at CSN.

Before I give you the details about the giveaway do me a favor and check out bedroom vanity then come back and let me know what you think about their vanities.

This giveaway is awesome because they are actually going to give one of you a Gift Certificate to their stores for $70.00. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. They are letting me have a giveaway for my special friends for this awesome amount.

I for one am very appreciative of CSN because they support us by having these fantastic giveaways. I have been lucky enough to be asked several times to do this and I since I adore all my followers then it is my pleasure to have a giveaway sponsored by CSN.

For a while now I have been looking on their site for new rugs. Winter will be here before we sneeze good and you know how I freeze in this ole farm house so I have been dreaming in their rug section. Also over the weekend I discovered they have room dividers too. Something else I have been thinking about purchasing. Now I will have to go and find someone that is having a CSN giveaway my self so I can enter. Lol

Now the rules for entering are simple because as you know I like to keep it simple. Since this is such a great giveaway you will have three chances to win.

1. Click on the vanity link to their site and come back and tell me what you think of their vanities and your favorite.

2. Follow my site to enjoy me and my friends.

3. Put this giveaway on your sidebar.

I know I mentioned simple but just think I could of ask you to follow me on Face book, Tweet me, Subcribe to my emails and scrub my back but you got lucky. Right!  Not to much to ask to win $70 big ones.

Notice please only comment three times on this giveaway 1. Your favorite vanity, 2. If your a follower and 3 If you put it on your sidebar. If you post a comment other than about these three items it will throw me off because I will be using the Random Generator. No one wants to confuse me and see Ms. Pearl make an appearance. lol

Good luck to all of YOU.

It does not matter that you have won in my past giveaways you still need to try your luck winning this fantastic Gift Certificate. 

By entering these CSN giveaways your not only having a chance to win their great gift certificates but your showing that we support them the way they support us bloggers.

In my year of blogging I have seen lots of sponsored giveaways by CSN but very seldom do you see others.

If your a sponsor for a company and I offended you then email me and I will have a giveaway for you too.

Congrats to LuLu for winning the Mola! She wrote me and ask me to mail her the one with the number 25 on it. Awesome pick...I just wonder what this creative lady will do with her Mola.

Also check out the other giveaways on my sidebar and support them too. After  I wrote this post I saw that Fiona and Twig is having a CSN giveaway also so now I can enter hers and get me that rug I have been looking at. lol

Love to all



Sorry I forgot to put a closing date lets make it August 19 th. midnight central standard time.


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