Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Friend M.E.

Today I thought I would share with you the sweet artist that painted my headboard picture. Mary Ellen Shipnes was a dear friend of mine and a gifted artist.
To all her friends and family she insisted in being simply called M.E.
Meeting M.E. changed my life forever.
She opened my eyes to all the beauty surrounding us in everyday life. After knowing her I always looked at everything in color. No more black and white in my life.
Her home here in the country was definitely M.E.  Every room was painted in bright colors and just like most of her paintings.
This painting of hers hung in the dining area notice the bright wall.
The Mermaid above this was a chandelier that hung in a sun room off of the kitchen.

This was the side door leading into her beautiful kitchen.
These flowers were always my favorite. Her gardens were as colorful as her home.

Here is M.E. wearing her favorite colors.

The reason I wanted you to meet M.E. beside the fact that I loved her dearly but she introduced in to the world of Mola's.  My giveaway tomorrow is one of the Mola's that she and I picked out together and I know that M.E. would want one of you to have it.  If she were here with us today she would be thanking all of you herself for the kindness that you have shown her friend Maggie.
Mola's are handmade by the Kuna Indians in Panama.
The fabric panels are most popularly used as wall hangings, eye catching pillows, skirts, men's shorts and hair bands. Like M.E. just use your colorful imagination in using yours.
Be sure and enter to win one of these Mola's the giveaway ends tomorrow.
Just click on the Mola on my sidebar and it will take you to the post to enter the giveaway.
Also while your clicking on giveaways on the side bar be sure and check out all the others I have of my friends that are having their giveaways. I just added Susan's last night from Art of Mine. This is her first giveaway and I can not tell you how excited Susan is about this giveaway. So be sure and go by and pay her a visit.
Before I go I wanted to also show you a few things I have gotten from my lovely friends out here who wanted to send me some get well wishes.
Lisa at The Davis Dialogues made this for me. I carry it everywhere I go in my purse. Isn't it just the cutest little bag you have ever seen. Thank you honey for sending me this I love it.
Marydon the sweetie from Blushing Rose sent me this lovely tea cup and special tea bags with some beautiful sachets. Now who can not get well sippping tea out of this pretty set and thinking of all of you.
Thanks Marydon for thinking of me. I really love my gift.

I have to tell all of you how sorry I am for being so behind in my visit's to your sites. I hope in the near future I can get back to blogging the way I use to. This past week after my two procedures I have been sick not sure if they left one of their camera's in me or what they did but besides the pain in my neck and back I don't feel like Maggie. Strange Ms. Pearl has not come out in a while. Maybe she is to afraid to since Maggie does not feel good. lol
Dan sent me his email for tweaking my kitchen and I will have to share that with soon. He is such a sweetheart.
Also how can I ever thank all of you for your response to my son's letter about our darling Kaci. Your kindness and understanding has truly meant the world to me.
Some of you have left comments about me writing something funny. I promise I will do my best to get over whatever it is I have caught and get back to Ms. Pearl or someone soon.
As always
Love to All,


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