Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prayers Needed!

Good morning to all my lovely friends out here in this awesome world of blogging!
Just read an email from my son that Kaci blood sugars are out of control for more than four days now and they have been up with her the last four nights.
For reasons unknown her sugars go way up and then way down....hearing this and being her grandmayellowhair it just eats me alive knowing what this precious sweet baby goes through each day and will go through until they find a cure.
So many of you were kind enough to read and comment on the post I did not to long ago called A Letter From My Son!
I can not thank you enough for all your beautiful comments about Kaci and supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
So many of you and your loved one's live with this and know how horrible it is to have this.
My oldest son Chad, Kaci's uncle has had this since he was 13.
Since my heart is so heavy this morning with her and my brother Gary too I of course turn to my best friends for their prayers.

I also stopped by Mumsy's Site this morning and if you have a moment read her post about a precious young baby. Mumsy is a special lady that has done so much for so many children. After reading this is when I decided I should do this post...

Kaci you dear sweet baby I hope that all these prayers sent your way will make you feel so much better so you can start back to school and meet lot's of wonderful friends like I have found.
Love and blessings to all,


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