Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Is Almost Over!

Not too many more days and summer will be over! I have admit this is one summer I will be glad when it ends. As I mentioned in my earlier post I was lucky enough to travel to Austin to see my grand babies and here they are in their neighborhood pool showing me what they have learned this summer.
Kaci and Bailey started the 3rd and 1st grade today and I can not wait to talk to them and see how their first day went.
When they weren't swimming we all stuffed envelopes for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
Does this look like a thousand envelopes? That's right we stuffed a thousand and just the week before they had already stuffed a thousand. I am so proud of them helping such a worthy cause.
Kaci kept having to check her blood sugars while I was there and taking her five shots a day but never once did I hear her complain about it.

After we stuffed envelopes Bailey and his dad went to a big department store and stood out front and raised money for The Boy Scouts. You should of seen how darling Bailey was asking people if they wanted to buy some popcorn for the Boy Scouts. Too cute....who could turn him down. lol
Of course before he left his big sister had to give him something to remember her by.
The look on his face is priceless!

Love to all


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