Friday, September 3, 2010

Bridges Of Madison County!

In 1995 The Bridges of Madison County movie was released. No matter what your age or experience this movie speaks eloquently to you the viewer. It is a truly heartbreaking tale of love, devotion and choices. It will make you think about your own life, and about your closest relationships.


This movie turned out to be Eastwood’s most successful project of all times. He not only played the main character Robert Kincaid but was the director and chose Meryl Streep to be his co-star and at the time I thought why did he choose her. Turns out he was right. She lifts the film to the level of profound piece of art. Her selflessness and devotion to her family, and tortured sense of divided loyalties are presented so powerfully, and so plausibly, that the final scene in the car at the end (those who've seen it will recall immediately what I mean) pulls at your emotions so hard you'd swear it was you who was making the decision. I defy anyone with a pulse not to shed copious amounts of tears at this point --- you would have to have a heart of stone not to be moved on some level by Meryl’s and Clint’s performance.

Copious amounts of tears is just what this ole grandma produced watching this movie the other night. I was so mad at myself because five minutes into the movie tears were sliding down my face. Thirty minutes into the film I was flooding the ole farm house with my tears.

Funny but when I first walked into this ole farm house I thought of this movie and I should of known at the time my kitchen was not big enough to seduce a man like Clint to dance with me there. And then I saw my claw foot tub and again I thought of the movie..hahahahaha If I had only knew then what I know now there are no men like Robert Kincaid driving thru my gate but of course there is no good looking farmers wife from Iowa living here either.

When the movie came out I saw it with my ex and I remember maybe a few tears then but nothing like the other night.

It seems to me that the more I watched it the more I realized how much I miss being in love. Also it did not help that Clint reminds me so much of my ex. I suppose that this movie brought back to many lost memories.

When does a person stop crying over something that is lost and never will be again? Let’s hope not as long as Francesca and Robert kept the torch burning. lol

Have you seen the movie and read the book? Did you flood the room with tears?

Then last night my girlfriend, Sharon, and I went to see Eat Pray Love. Now don’t grab a big bowl of Italian pasta and throw it at me but I was disappointed when I stood up to leave the theater. Sharon felt the same way. Are we the only two women in the world that left disappointed with this Eat Pray Love.

Maybe I will still give the book a chance because usually their better than the movie.

Don’t get me wrong there were parts in it that got the heart strings a little but it was just not what I had expected. I guess sometimes a movie is so built up that you really expect a lot more than you should of it.

I was expecting a one of those love stories that makes your toes curl under or heart beat so fast you think your pace maker will explode. What the heck is wrong with me? I could not have handled a cry like I had the other night anyway. Hahaha

Especially after I just had a girlfriend move to Colorado after this book and movie. Another post I have been planning.

In an earlier post I mentioned my brother Gary had to have his heart doctor approve being put to sleep for his biopsy. Well precious Donna from Brynwood Needleworks is right you should never use the word put to sleep around all the dog lovers we have in our remarkable world of blogging. Anyway bad news this morning! I called him and he has to have another stint in his heart before the other doctors do his biopsy to see if he has throat cancer. Here we ago again putting his much need biopsy off for another week.

Turns out we both have to be in College Station today around the same time today…he needs to pre-registrar for the stint Tuesday and I found out that I have an appointment with a pain management doctor at 2:30 and did not know it. Crazy….not knowing until 5 yesterday. I am dreading this appointment because not sure what he will do to me and there is a long weekend ahead and if I needed him….well we all know what the answer to that would be.

Well my dear friends I am off to see the Wizard and find something to wear this afternoon. If you could see my closet and my choices you would throw your hands up and scream. Nothing among a full closet to wear. Geezzz Marie!!!

Oh I will have a new necklace to wear soon though because I was the lucky winner at sweet Laura’s site White Spray Paint. I hope it’s big enough to hide my neck. Pretty soon I will be like the lovely Diane Keaton and wear scarf’s everywhere.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! My little writer friend that just moved in the guest house and I will be out here and hopefully being each others muses. She is writing three screen plays about Texas and I am going to write a love story that will have Clint begging me for the part as Michael or what ever the heck his name will be...maybe Johnny! Who knows that would be a good project for you pick out a name for me..:)

My son Chad wanted me and Christi to come see him in Dallas but of all things she has a hot date and can't leave town. I so want to see my son and his place in Dallas. Oh well a hot date is important too.

Love to all,



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