Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Ain't No Hair Off My Ass!

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Hey there I hope you had a great Labor Day and put away your white shoes. Can you remember those days when your mother made sure she did not step out of the house wearing white after the holiday?

Before I get started on a post I am not sure I should write let me update you on Kaci and Gary. I skyped on the computer with Kaci over the weekend and she seems to be getting the sugars where they should be but who knows with that girl she always smiles and tells me she is good.

Gary is due for some good news and we pray that he gets it tomorrow when he goes to Houston for his biopsy. Since he has to have a stint in his heart they are doing a needle biopsy and we should know by the end of the day if he has cancer.

I go back to the doctors tomorrow myself and will let you know how that turns out. The pain doctor last Friday told me I not only had vertabraes broken in the back but also some bulging disc in my neck so I go back to him tomorrow.

Thank you again for all your sweet prayers, calls and emails.

The other day I received an email from someone that was a follower of this site but she dropped out because according to her email I was not funny anymore.

Well you know Maggie she wrote this sweet lady back and apologized profusely! I told her how sorry I was that I had let her down and to forgive me. I wished her well and Happy Blogging. Lol

Okay during the night when the rain was hitting the tin roof so hard from the storm off the gulf I could not sleep. I got to thinking about this lady and how I had let her down.

Then aggravated that she was tired and wanting to sleep stupid Ms Pearl reared her ugly head and put her two cents in for whatever that is worth.

She reminded me of the time years ago when I was working at a prison and just happen to be lucky enough to be helping the Wardens with their classification process of new inmates. During classification the Wardens ask the inmates questions and classify them where they should live, work and if they need to go to school. This one fool (not the Warden) decided this was bull sh** and he was not going to work.

I will never forget the explosion from the Warden’s fist hitting the desk. I was standing behind the inmate and I know that I jumped a foot off the ground. That big hunk of a Warden stood up after putting a hole in the desk, leaned over it toward the fool and screamed, “It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass if you work or not!” “Lock him down Maggie!”

This is one of those moments in your life that you know immediately that you will never ever forget. I took the inmate to Solitary Confinement and the next time he went before that Warden he was more than happy to take a job. Lol

Your asking ok my dear what does this have to do with your ex follower. Well Ms. Pearl got to thinking what a limp noodle Maggie is for kissing up to that woman when Geezzzz Marie who ever said Maggie was funny to begin with. She started this blog as a journal to de-stress from every day tensions at the Sheriff’s department. Never figured anyone would read it much less think her funny.

Don’t get me wrong I am tickled pink that someone like you did read my site and come into my life because honestly I think since the accident happened with out you supporting me I would not be as far along as I am now. God knows Ms Pearl just appears now and then and actually I am relieved she has slowed down. But it was one of those nights when she was tired and could not sleep and this email kept going thru what’s left of the ole brain and so to that sweet lady what does Ms Pearl come up with no other than It Ain’t No Hair Off My Ass whether or not you decided I was funny or not. Are you asking me for a refund for not living up to your expectations. Sometime’s it is hard to be funny when your Neck and Back are hurting or your worried sick about the one’s you love which by the way includes all of you. That includes Even Ms. Ex!

Now enough said and please don’t think Maggie had anything to do with this post!

Love to all,



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