Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missed You!

Gosh have I missed YOU! Cannot believe that it has been so long since my last post.
So much has been happening around the north forty that I have not had a chance to write you.
Not being on here and visiting your sites has made for a long week and a feeling of loss....not a good feeling! So in the next few days I hope to visit all of you and catch up with what is going on in your lives.
First I wanted to share with you a picture of my baby brother Gary and his lovely girlfriend Sherry. They are now engaged to be married. The wedding will be next year after Gary completes all his treatments for his cancer.

Gary and Sherry ask me to thank you so much for all the prayers you have been sending their way for his recovery. Today was his first Chemo treatment at MD Anderson in Houston. He will be doing 15 weeks of both Chemo and Radiation.

I have not been around the north forty for a few days and I took my computer with me but there was no electricity to hook up to which is a long story and will go into it later but before I turn in tonight I wanted to let you know how much I have hated not being able to write you.
Aren't our blogging friends just the best thing in the world. Here is a email I received the other day while I was AOL from here. It is from Kim at Millies Mats.
Kim is just a sweetheart for writing me this email.

 OK Miss Maggie........

You are FREAKING ME OUT. Where are you?? Are you OK? You posted a very cryptic and mysterious post several days ago and then it disappeared before I could blink.

Now, you know me - I have an extremely over-active imagination so there are several scenarios rolling around in my twisted, warped mind.

Option #1 - You returned to work and are now held hostage in a prison lock-down and a 400 lb sweaty inmate named Bubba has made you his love slave........

Option #2 - The wrinkly old Penguin from the pool has declared his love for you and has moved into the farmhouse and has made you his love slave......(Oh yes, and naturally he is a multi-millionaire with a bad heart)

Option #3 - The two grumpy old men who look after your farm know where this is going.....LOL

But seriously Maggie, you know that curiousity killed the cat! (meow)


Millies Mats

Well I wrote Kim back and explained that a dear cousin of mine has passed away and the only way for me to travel that far to her funeral was by motor home so I could take lots of breaks lying on my back.
My friend Barbara owns a RV and was kind enough to take me and she had plans up in the same area so it worked out for both of us.
On our way back home we went through Palestine, Texas where my ex husband was raised and where his dad still lives. Of course, we had to drive by his house and Barbara being as crazy as me wanted to stop and tell him hello. Well there was a truck in the driveway I did not reconize so being a big fat chicken I stayed in the RV while she knocked on his door.
Low and behold a woman answered the door and sitting way back near the rode I could not tell who she was but you know I was straining my neck trying to see.
When Barbara walks back to the RV she has the look of disbelief on her face and I am thinking oh my something is terribly wrong.
She hops into the RV and before even backing out of the drive way she starts screaming...OMG that was the uglest woman I have ever saw in my life. I could not believe what she was saying. She went on and on about how dirty she looked and the house too. According to Barbara she had not two chins but three, her hair looked like it had not been washed in weeks, the funnest eyes she had ever seen and just down right the uglest woman she had ever seen. She kept on and on about her for about the next 60 miles. Turns out the woman told her that my father in law was moved to a nursing home and YEP you guessed it. This woman was my ex husbands wife.
I was totally shocked that she was there to answer the door. It seems that maybe her and the ex must be living in his mom and dads old house. What a strange thing to happen and even stranger that Barbara kept repeating how truly ugly this woman was.
I should not say this but I was relieved that someone else finally got to see her and confirm what I have been saying about her was true.
The look on Barbara's face was priceless when she came away from that house. I think I will never forget the look and thank God Ms. Pearl did not know until we drove off that it was Sally who had answered the door because it was too pretty of a day to be rolling around in the front lawn of their yard. lol
Thanks so much for your sweet comments and prayers for me and my family. I still have not got the okay to return to work but hopefully in the near future.
Can not begin to tell you how much I have missed you!
Love to all


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