Monday, September 13, 2010

More of Festival Hill in Round Top,Texas!

Never thought Maggie would be loss for words but I am tonight so I thought I would share just a few more pictures of the lovely Festival Hill at Round Top, Texas. The picture above is the back cellar entry to the Church there on the grounds. Hard to capture the beauty of this place.

This is a side view of the picture above. Be sure and enlarge these pictures to enjoy them better.

This is a small room built in the side of the walls that has nothing but seashells all over the walls. This I think is the only picture that took because of being so dark in there. In the middle of this little area there is a table and chairs for playing checkers. lol

Across the grounds going into the Herb Garden I tried to capture a Yellow Butterfly!

Hope you enjoyed some more pictures of my favorite places to meditate! I am so lucky it is only 13 miles from the ole farm house.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments and blessings sent from all of you to my brother Gary! I will be sure and let him read all of your comments. Since finding out for sure about his cancer Friday I have not been able to post but will try my best to get back into writing.
I appreciate each of you and thank God every day for you!
Love to all


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