Monday, September 20, 2010

Ms. Pearl!

Hey there just wanted to check in with all of you and catch you up on my crazy life.

One afternoon last week I got in a hurry to get into my PJ’s so I could relax and I left my cell phone in my jeans pocket. Living out here on the North Forty and not having a land line I usually carry my cell phone with me. Even with it in my pocket I can still miss a call with the ringer set on high and the vibrator on. Go figure that one!

Well I thought while I was fixing my dinner I would kill two birds with one stone and stuck my jeans in the washing machine with my other jeans. Yep I washed my cell phone. In all honesty I wish I could tell you this was the first time I have done this but then I would be telling you a lie. In fact I have probably had more cell phones than Liz Taylor has had husbands. Shame on me why would I say that. Okay more cell phones than flies on a ? Donkey’s rear end.

Now you get the picture! Most of my phones died by drowning but there were some that were run over by a tractor or a hard drop on the head has done them in. One drowning was in a commode on the way to La with a girlfriend of mine. Needless to say it was left in the commode. That reminds me of the time in Warrenton when I dropped my car keys in one of their porta potty’s. Oh Gosh was that a mess!

Lost track talking about the car keys. Now I am trying to remember where I was going with this story. Haha…maybe no where. Don’t you hate it when this happens and your talking to someone and then all of sudden just dead air, not for the life of you can you remember what you were trying to tell them.

Oh yeah now I remembered. Good gosh how could I forget? It was the reason for this post. Geezzzz Louise. I really am loosing it. Not having a phone caused me to go to College Station to our nearest Sprint store. Eagerly needing a phone I did not hesitate to explain to them what happened to my new cell phone that I had just purchased maybe four months ago. I should re-phrase that to read I explained it to a young girl who was too busy with her hair to help me.

Yep she had to be every bit of 19 or 20 which is okay I know they can think and help you just like anyone else but not this one! She had real long straight black hair that kept her so busy that she could not help me. Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone and their separating their hair into sections and then running their fingers through it and only to start over on the next section? This went on for a good 15 minutes and it was very hard to carry on a conversation about getting a phone while she could not stop with the hair. Finally when I figured she had no clue as to how to help me I asked her for a manager. She turns and walks over to a guy sitting at a table on the computer. Their both staring at me while their talking about me. She comes back over to where I am standing and says, “My manager told me to tell you that he would tell you the same thing I am telling you, that if you want to replace your phone it will cost you $250.00.”

Well you know what happened next. Ms. Pearl grabbed the scissors out of my purse and cut the idiots hair off. Hahaha That will teach her to play with hair while helping a customer!

 No not quite but believe me if there had been scissors in my purse that might have happened.

Ms Pearl said,” Excuse me. Are you telling me that your manager is too busy to talk to me and he is sending you back with that message?”

I did not have to raise my voice because he was within hearing distance of our conversation. She then handed me a number that he had given her to customer service if I thought customer service could do better then I could call them. I ask the dummy how I was going to call their customer service without a phone. She points to a row of phones that are on displays and said, “Find one you can use and call them!”

A man was standing there with his two young sons and told me he could not believe they were so rude to me and then tell me to use a phone on display.

Well Maggie might have dialed the number but I can tell you one thing Ms. Pearl did the talking and boy did she talk. By the time I ended my conversation with customer service they were sending me a new phone to my house at no cost. My intentions were not to get something free from Sprint and I knew that it was my fault and I intended to buy a phone but what has happened to good ole common courtesy especially to a customer that has been with them over five years. I have actually paid that little brats first month salary with my drowning of phones.

As far as the rude manager, Scott, I walked over to his little table where he was on his laptop and I explained to him that Yes there were other options besides giving him $250.00 for another phone and that the next time a little ole lady comes into his business I suggest he get off his dooper and ask her if there is anything he can do for her today. I then ask him where the closest Sprint was to College Station because this ole lady would never ever cross thru his doors again.

Ms. Pearl then turned and walked out the door!

Glad you liked hearing about Max. She is a sweetheart and wish I could see her more often but I thank God every day that I walked into that Finance Office and got the job!

Sweet Dreams



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