Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ms.Pearl Returns!

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Yesterday I had to stop on the way home at our local Wal Mart for water. The heat here like many places is amazingly hot but put our high humidity with it and you have some miserable days.

Walking up to my car there was a man screaming at a little boy. It was one of those moments when I knew that this was not going to turn out good. I tried my best to ignore the man even though he kept watching me load my few bags. I walked around to get into the drivers side and he had picked the little boy up by his shirt collar and had his big hand drawn back to strike the boy. Of course most of you know Ms. Pearl has been in hiding for a long time now but it only took a second for her to react. She told the man, "If you hit that child I promise you that you will spend tonight in jail!" He dropped the child and turned to me and said, "How many days for hitting a nozy Bitch!"

Well you know Ms. Pearl hates being called the B word so she raises her voice and said, "Mister if you are dumb enough to hit me I can say for sure you will spend more nights in jail than your pea brain can count to!"

We stood there looking at each other and of course Maggie was praying that it did not turn into a hitting match because thats all she needs with her back. Ms. Pearl of course was happy just to be alive again so she was not thinking at all.

Ms. Pearl walks around to the back of his car where she is taking a mental note of his license plates. She repeated the letters and numbers several times to get them in her head.

The idiot follows her asking what now was the nozy Bitch doing. I explained to him that anytime I see any kind of abuse to anyone I have to report it to the right authorities and that he would be hearing from Child Protective Services. He then picks the child up again by his arm and throws him into the back seat.

It broke my heart to watch that child have to leave with such a man but this morning I reported him to CPS where I hope they do a follow up.

Being in Law Enforcement you see so much abuse that you wonder sometimes has the world gone completely nuts. Abuse to children though is something I have never gotten a handle on and been able to detach myself.

Thank God that my two grandbabies are being raised by two parents that are so loving and understanding of both their mental and physical needs.

What can we do to stop abuse of children or anyone? Women are also abused by some sorry boyfriend or husband. Then again there are believe it or not women who abuse their husbands or boyfriends. What a horrible situation and there has to be a way to end the cycle. Of course, end it without Ms. Pearl getting Maggies head knocked side ways....oh boy just what she needs right now. lol

Before I go today please know that yours prayers and comments for my darling Kaci are appreciated more than I will ever be able to say. Thank you for always being here for me and my family. You are the best and my life was not full until you came into it.

If you need me ever for anything or if you need the crazy Ms. Pearl then please do not hesitate to ask.

Also I put a button on my sidebar for a sweet little girl fighting for her life. She is in Nezzy's Sunday School class and if you have time maybe stop by and say hello.

My baby brothers Gary's biopsy has been put off another week until he sees his heart doctor tomorrow to give the okay of putting him to sleep. Thanks again for his prayers.

Remember I love you all



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