Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Memorable College Friend!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by and checking on me and I have missed you! Found this picture in my file tonight and thought I wanted to share it with you. Honestly I can not tell you where I found it but thought it was so beautiful.

Years ago and I mean years ago in college I met a girl that changed my life! During the summer break I moved to Houston with friends from college to work and save money for the next semester. Angels were watching over me and landed me a position at a Finance Company where Max worked.

Day one with her is a image in my heart and my mind that I will remember forever. She was like no one I had ever met and instantly knew that I wanted her as a friend. Turns out all these years later we are still best of friends.

Every morning her mom fixed Max a healthy lunch which was usually yogurt and fruit and every morning she bounced in the office with her gorgeous smile holding her lunch sack. Just like clock work the first trash can she passed coming through the door that sack would accidentally be dropped into it.

She never missed a step to her desk doing this daily routine and I never failed not to laugh.

The office we worked in was small with us and two males. These guys were totally nuts and kept both  us in stitches most of the day. Summer ended quickly and I gave my notice to quit and return to college.

Much to my surprise and delight Max also gave her notice and within a week or so was enrolled in the same college and somehow even managed to find a dorm room.

For the next two years I learned to laugh and live life for the first time in my sheltered life. Honestly I don't think I knew how to have fun or laugh until this girl came into my life.  I had bought my first car from my brother, Doy for seventy five dollars and even though the reverse was out in it...that never stopped us from riding around with a Dr. Pepper and Hostess Twinkie in our hands and laughing about our day in classes.

Hard to believe but sometimes we would get to our class room and actually greet the professor and then in the next minute we were turning around and going back out the door to skip class. Still hard to believe that I would do something like that....if only I could be like that now.. Just turn around and leave....haha

The main building of our college was a hundred years old and it was called Ole Main! No ac and huge flights of stairs and one day coming down the stairs after class Max somehow missed a step and bounced all the way down on her butt. About every step she hit she was for some reason hollering Mighty and I was at the top of the landing laughing my fool head off. It was not funny but OMG I lost it and was laughing uncontrollable. Not more than a week later I tumbled going into the college library to meet my boyfriend and what an entrance I that I am sure there were others laughing uncontrollably.

Not sure how our nicknames came about but she called me Mighty and I called her Daddy Duck! Silly of course but to this day she still calls me Mighty but I call her Max short for Maxine. Just the other day we were laughing about our nick names and for the life of us we can not remember where these names came from.

Sometimes we would forget about not having a reverse in the old car and boy would that get us in trouble but somehow we managed always to get her back to the dorm before curfew. One night some guys we knew were following us and we did not want to be with them that night so we tried to loose them. I turned into a driveway that was long and pulled all the way up forgetting I had no reverse.

Guess who helped us get out of the driveway. Yep the guys we were trying to avoid. haha

At least I managed to get her home in time...there were times when she was on a date and did not make it back on time and then the dorm mother always caught her. Sorry Max!

We were for a while in hog heaven because she dated the Center on the football team and I dated the quarterback. What was shocking is they put up with us on double dates and now looking back I am not sure how they did that. lol

Looking back now and all the crazy things we did is hard to believe but they were innocent things. No drugs just plain harmless fun. Sometimes like now when I need to think positive I think of those simple but fun times with Max.  Yep I have reached the age where I find myself telling Max these were the best days of my life.

Turns out Max married a very handsome good man and they have a son together and have been happily married for a long time now.  How happy I am that one of us did manage to find true love.

She reads my blog and I so wanted to put a picture of her on here but I thought that would be pushing my luck. hahaha  Maybe she will let me show you some pictures of us then and now. I will ask. Max has not changed in all the years. Still as beautiful now and she was then.

Please tell me about your life long friends.

Also tonight I wanted to share with you a very beautiful building that I love and it is an old Lutheran Church moved into Round Top for their library.  Population in Round Top is listed as 77.

This library is down the rode from the Festival Hill that I have shared with you in the last few post.  These pictures were taken just before sunset.

Soon I will share the beautiful pictures of the inside.

I am so lucky to live close enough to enjoy this awesome library and Festival Hill!

The last few days I have been going to Pool Therapy and helping Gary set up his appointments.
His girlfriend is an airline stewardess and I am so thankful he has her in his life right now because she has been such a blessing. 
Her home is a Historical Home and was built for Sam Houston and his family in the 1800's. One day maybe I can post pictures of the inside of it. Here is her home. Gary is in the process of restoring it.
Thank you for your prayers for Gary! He was told yesterday that his cancer is in Stage 4 but was curable and I know with the power of prayer that he will be strong again and him and Sherry will be married as planned this next year.

Sweet Dreams and Love to All


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