Friday, September 10, 2010

A Nice Afternoon Yesterday/Bad News Today!

Yesterday afternoon I took my new little writer friend/tenant to Round Top to show her the beauty of a place that is hidden in the middle of nowhere. (since she is hiding out here to write I will have to ask permission to use her name and pictures on here)
I did a post about this place when I first started posting. You can see more of this wonderful site here A Promise Kept
On this post A Promise Kept you can see some really good pictures even one of the inside of the church.
This is Festival Hill that is home to the famous renowned James Dick. I do volunteer work here during his concerts.
Unfortunately the inside of the concert hall was locked so I will share pictures of that a later day.
Besides the enormous concert hall on this site there are lovely courtyards, the most beautiful church I have ever been inside, herb gardens, flower gardens, fountains, Victorian homes, class rooms for up coming artist and so much more. My new little friend said it reminded her of Europe.

The first picture is of a court yard behind the church.
This is a small part of the herb garden. Rosemary is everywhere!

Two fountains going into the grounds of the church!
Sorry my pictures are out of order but I keep trying to change them with no luck!

No matter how many times I visit Festival Hill I leave there in awe of such beauty.
My pictures really do not do it justice.

Update on me and Gary! Gary had his biopsy's done and a c scan. The chest x-ray they did they did tell him good news that if he does have cancer it has not spread to that area. Praise God.
We were hoping to here about all his test today but so far no word. I hate for him to wait all weekend for the results.
Well I just got the call while doing this post. His girlfriend Sherry told me Gary does have Cancer in his lymph nodes of his throat. They are referring him to MD Anderson in Houston for his treatments. She said three days a week of Chemo and Mon thru Friday of radiation. If I heard right for 8 weeks but not sure.
Oh boy I was expecting it but it still hard to grasp. Hard to think of your baby brother going through this but I will make sure he fights it just as I fought my Breast Cancer.
We live about an hour and half or more from MD Anderson so that is going to hard for him to travel every day. Again I ask for prayers and as always appreciate your prayers.
My two doctor visits were something else but no big deal after getting this news. The one workers comp doctor approved me for four hours of work again. Once again will have to see what the Sheriff's Dept does.
I doubt they will change their mind and let me work which I guess now my brother will need me more anyway.
Love to all


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