Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alan Got My Panties In A Wad!

Hey hope you have had a wonderful weekend. The weather has been so lovely here today I hate to see the day end.

I am still trying to catch up with visiting each of you! Hate being this far behind with my blogging. Also wanted to welcome my new friends who have signed up to follow me and I promise to visit you too.

On my previous post I told you about the accendital meeting with my ex husbands wife. My friend Barbara kept talking for an hour about this meeting and how ugly she thought the woman was. I forgot to tell you that Barbara said that Sally had on a dirty T-Shirt with no bra underneath and her boobs were hanging to her waist. I knew the minute Barbara mentioned that one thing that it was Waynes wife because when I first met her that was the one thing that grossed me out the most. Her with no bra and them hanging like momma cat that just gave birth to a litter of kittens. I bet Barbara will never ask me to go by there again and to see if my father in law wants to have breakfast. Lol Be sure and read the comments left me if you need a good laugh.

Today was the last day for the Round Top/Warrenton show and I have to say this was the first time in years that I missed a lot of the show. Antiques and junk everywhere but with my back and neck injury I was limited to very few hours this season but maybe in six months in the spring show I can make up for it. I did pick up a couple of bargains I will share with you this week.

Bare with me on this long drawn out story about why Alan got my panties in a wad. I know it could be told better but here goes......

One day last week my friend Alan phoned and wanted to know if Gretchen and I would like to go with him and his son to Round Top for a few hours on Friday. Gretchen is my new neighbor/tenant in the pink house and is the writer. Alan had met her right after she moved in when he came by here one day telling me about his son moving back home and how he was loosing his mind. He explained that since his son and Gretchen knew no one their ages in our area he thought it would be great for the four of us to walk around the antique show and they could get to know each other. I told him I would ask Gretchen and she was a little hesitant which I understood completely but then agreed it might be fun. She writes everyday from 6 am to 3pm so I told Alan we could go after 3:30 and he said him and his son would pick us up. Plans made so I did not go out there Friday morning thinking I would go Friday evening with them.

Fine plans are made and then Friday morning Alan calls and starts making excuses that he would rather not go that late so could his son just pick up Gretchen. I told him that was not a good idea since they had never met and she only agreed to this because it was the four of us. But after listening to the idiot I agreed to ask her and call him back.

Well like I thought she was not happy with that arrangement and I called Alan back. Stupid man he is could not understand why she did not want to go with just his son. So after 30 minutes of trying to explain to the idiot why it was not a good idea I cancel our plans. I don’t know if it were an hour later or earlier but stupid calls back and he says OK change of plans. He said that now him and his son were going out there by themselves and then stop by here on their way home to meet Gretchen. I told him that was not a good idea but I would check with her. Can you believe this?

Like me she is not too happy about that because if they can go out there and walk around why couldn’t they do it with us. I call Alan back and told him let’s just keep it canceled and forget it.

You would think that a normal person would of let it go. No he calls back and says that they will be out there walking around and we should come out there and meet them after Gretchen gets off work.

By then my panties are in such a wad that I wanted to reach through the phone and pull his stupid neck thru the lines. How can someone that wants his son to meet a beautiful young lady keep changing the plans like she or I have nothing else to do but jump when he says how high.

I finally just sent him a text and said,”Look too many time changes so let’s just do it another time!”

No word as of Sunday evening from the dummy. I guess he is still trying to figure out what he did wrong.

So I know this was foolish to get my panties in such a wad but I messed around and did not go out there at all Friday nor the rest of the weekend. Men! And they think we can not make up our minds. Ok tell me What gets your panties in a Wad? lol

Hope this is a great week for you! I am back to pool therapy again tomorrow. NO the ole Penguin has not been back and no I have not blown bubbles in the water like our little ole lady but you know tomorrow is another day whose to say I will not!

I need to do a post about the visit with Lorretta Lynn at her ranch and her calling a gal a bad name for trying to mess with her hubby years ago. It seems Lorretta has a Ms. Pearl inside of her too.

Love to all



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