Sunday, October 24, 2010

Longing For Something but What?

Good morning to all of you out here in the our world of blogging. I just could not sleep so instead I got up and sent the kids an email thanking them for coming to the reunion and to read your comments because I knew if I heard from you I would feel better and might could go back to sleep.

The ghost were not a hit like I had wanted them to be. Mainly because my babies did not get to my house until after the reunion and it was dark by then. They did say they got to see them going down the road on the way to my brothers house where we had the reunion.

Isn't it funny how we have such expectations of something and then when its all over it was nothing like you anticipated. Everyday since putting up those silly ghost I went out there morning and evening to repair them so they would look good for my grand babies. I do have a suggestion when you put yours up do it where the wind does not blow like your in West Texas. We have not had wind or rain in a month but build something outside and you will get both. lol...I think it was silly of me to get so excited about Kaci and Bailey seeing them. I guess I wanted to do something special since they have not been to my house since before my fall in April.  I miss them and being creative too.

Everything in fact I did for this weekend was a flop. I got up yesterday morning at 6am to put on scalloped potato's in the crock pot and instead of  putting them on high I was half a sleep and put them on warm instead. Needless to say no scalloped potato's went to the reunion. Thank goodness I made a Blue Berry Crunch Cake to take too. But I noticed when I left that only one person had tried it. :( 

I made chicken spaghetti and another Blue Berry Crunch for Sunday thinking they were going to spend the night but my Daughter in Law Andrea had a cold and said she wanted to sleep in her own bed and then at the reunion Clint said he had to work too. Then Chad was going to stay but he brought Christi with him and she had her dog at home so they had to go back too. So I told Gretchen she was eating Chicken Spaghetti until she leaves for London on Tuesday. She did meet the family when they stopped by here on their way home from the reunion. Of course, she fell in love with Kaci and Bailey because they did a dance for her to an Elvis song.

I also made something I had never tried before and of course I am left with them too. I may gain 500 hundred pounds this week. I did sneak a few of them to the kids to take home. They were simple but so good. Just buy one of those Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip ready to cook cookie mix and the bite size reese's peanut butter cups. (I used the sugar free because of Chad and Kaci) You just seperate the cookies roll them in small balls shape them in a tart pan and then bake them. Then place the reese's candy in the center and you have a little treat. So easy and good.

For some reason could not enjoy the reunion either. Except of course I loved seeing loved ones I have not seen in a long while. I kept finding myself in the bathroom wiping tears out of my eyes. Yep like a school girl. I guess because we all never get together any more and then when we do its not the same. Plus Gary was at MD Anderson until 3am that morning taking his chemo so he did not come. His only child was there and I kept finding myself sitting by him since he was alone too.

Kaci was bit by a furry insect and she cried and cried so that started by trips to the bathroom ....hahaha

Seriously I think the tears were silly because I know my kids love me. They give me so much but they are busy with their own lives now and so sometimes I get to thinking too much about the past when things were better between all of us and the tears flow. Like now sitting here at four in the morning when I should be in bed with Tinkerbell. Maybe thats my problem sleeping with a cat. hahahaha

One thing about this weekend. I changed sheets on four beds whether they needed it or not. I cooked for a change and my house is cleaner than it has been in a while. The ole porch even got washed down. Funny I don't think anyone noticed but thats okay because in a few hours when I sit out there thinking about how much I love all of you and my kids I will be glad it was finally cleaned.

Gretchen will be gone for the next three weeks seeing about school in London. She actually wants me to consider taking the courses with her in creative writing. Wow if I were only 20 years younger and knew what I knew now you bet I would take those classes.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

Love to all



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