Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Ghost!

After many ant bites and a windy day Gretchen and I finally got our ghost up!
It was fun working with Gretchen but wind was a challenge and of course the ant bites.

What I did I use to make these! Well your not going to believe it! While at Lowes and discovered these fence post. Don't ask me what kind of fence people use them with but they worked great. Easy to put in the hard ground and their pretty secure.
Off to the dollar store and I bought 6 knight helmets that were broken on each end so they gave them to me for half off which was 50 cents a piece. I finished breaking off the front part of the helmet and threw those away and then with double sided tape I taped these helmets to the end of the fence post.

We then put different sizes of cheap fabric that I bought a Wal Mart and tied the material together to make it look like their holding hands.

That was what they looked like when I finished last night. This morning the wind had them where you could not tell which ghost was holding which hand. lol Pretty crazy looking when I found them this morning. So I got a bag of small safety pins and used the heck out of them. I then took little nails used for picture hanging and put the longest part of the material in the ground with a nail to hold it down while the wind blows out here on the north forty.
While doing this I kept being bit my ants but never could see a bed of the darn things.
Gretchen was busy writing so I did it alone today. They actually looked better after pinning and nailing but of course my bateries went bad in my camera. Never have I had so much darn trouble keeping batteries charged than I do for this camera.
I put batteries on my shoppping list for tomorrow because of course I have to take pictures of Kaci and Bailey when they come Saturday. But I will have to get permission from their mom and dad about using them on my site.
All of you sent me great suggestions and I appreciate you. I think all of them would of worked just as good as these helmets and maybe even better. I had it in my mind to use this shape of a head so when I spotted the helmets I knew thats what I wanted to use.
Now will they look good in the morning is another story!
Remember I told you this house was haunted! Well it has been acting up again and night which is driving Tinkerbell wild. She is not sleeping now at night and trying to keep me awake.
Pain has really been bad this week so off to bed early!
Sweet Dreams to you


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