Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh What A Night!


This was my practice run for tonight. There's always one in the crowd giving orders.

This is suppose to read Hello My Name is Pearl, and I have a tendency to fly off the Handle!

Sorry but I could not resist this one! I mean I sometimes I am a little warped!

As you my faithful follower know Gary is going through Chemo and while his fiancee was flying on her broom last night I stayed with him in their little cabin in the woods. I do mean in the woods! SPOOKY place at night!

Sherry his fiancee is one of the good witches that works for Delta Airlines! Her and Gary are so in love and can not stand to be apart. I never had someone love me the way these two love each other.  If I did I did not know it. lol

Anyway they added an extra bed to their upstairs loft and so when she is out of town someone can stay with Gary. So that put us in the same bedroom. I warned him that sometimes I talk in my sleep. Well it seems I scared the beegeezz out of him during the night and when he got his early love call from Sherry he could not wait to tell her how I scared him. He told her he was sound a sleep when he hears this voice and he almost had a heart attack!

This conversation is happening while I am sound a sleep upstairs. I did not get a lovey dovey phone call to wake me up early. haha....So his sweet little witch tells him to go put a sheet over his head an tap on my shoulder and say "BOO!"  He told her he hated to do that because I might have a heart attack but being a baby brother he gave into the fun.

Yep my wake up was a 5'10" ghost saying "It's time for you........" believe me thats all I heard because I jumped up hit my head on the ceiling( because it is a loft type ceiling) trying to get my gun. It took me a while to realize where I was and my gun was not there. lol

Not my fault his sweet little witch has to change the sheets in that bed today!

Don't forget my giveaway ends tomorrow! If you do not enter I may fly over your house tonight!

Love to all


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