Friday, October 29, 2010

Oven Fried Chicken!

Before I share the famous chicken recipe that is so good it will make Paula Dean slap that bearded husband of hers I thought I would show you some Halloween pieces I painted years ago when I owned a Ceramic Shop.  When I say years ago I mean years ago. lol
The one above is my favorite of a witch sitting on a pumpkin holding an apple.

A ghost holding a pumpkin!

A pumpkin candy holder or I guess you could use it for a candle too. Kaci loved this and I wanted to give it to her but I knew her dad would not like it so I kept my mouth shut.  I am trying my best to behave.

Now to the chicken recipe. I had several of you ask for it so hope you enjoy it. What's great it taste like Fried Chicken but oh so easy as One two three.

First honey  melt some butter in a big baking pan. While the butter is melting then get your flour out.

You will need enough flour to of course coat the chicken pieces your using. So don't be stingy pour you out some flour. Now when I say easy as One Two Three thats all you need to put in the flour just three things. Paprika, Salt and Pepper.

After you put the spices in the flour mix this up. Now your ready to coat your chicken pieces. Dip them in the flour mixture until their all white and no skin showing. Put your pieces in the melted butter and bake at 3:50. My sister-in-law Linda who gave me this recipe said she fixes a whole chicken cut up and bakes 30 minutes on one side turns it and bakes 30 minutes on that side.

So easy even I can do this. I wonder if Aqua Man tried it yet. lol

Thanks for all your fun comments about my pool romance or the almost pool romance. lol He got lucky that we had pool police monitering our every move.

Be sure and enter my giveaways I have on my side bar. They both end soon. You especially don't want to miss Susan's. Her giveaway is lovely.  Mine will end Sunday night so please enter them both.

Hope you have a fun spooky weekend. I am going to try my best too.  My grand babies are walking Saturday for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Walk for A Cure in Austin. I so wanted to do the walk with them but I knew I could not with my back. Maybe next year. I am so proud of them they have done a great job raising money for their this disease. Our prayers is one day soon there will be a cure. Also thank you so much for the donations you sent in to help them raise the money.

Darn I meant to tell you about the cooking class at Festival Hill. I will do it another day because it would be to long to go into now and it is way past my bed time.  lol

Your not going to believe it though the Chef's name was John....ha ha  Remember some of you said Johnny might be the Chef well it was not him but it was a John. Very interesting class.

Sweet dreams



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