Monday, October 18, 2010

The Real Ms. Pearl and a Winner!

Ms. Pearl's latest picture!Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did except this morning I feel like a backhoe or something about that size drove over me and then backed up and did it again.

I thought that after almost six months of recouping I would be able to volunteer to hand out programs for the Festival Hill Concert. It turns out my back is still not healed enough for me to stand for an hour in one spot. The sad part is workers comp is doing nothing but sending me to a pain management doctor and pool therapy. After months with them and no progress wouldn’t you try something different? My pain management doctor told me at my last visit that I should have had surgery but workers comp does not like dealing with back surgery so they avoid it at your expense.

Roger Wright an American classical concert pianist who also won the United States National scrabble Championship in 2004 was the solo performer at Festival Hill on Saturday afternoon. Hard to believe that such a young man like Mr. Wright could perform so well that he almost knocked our socks off when he ended with Islamey (by Mily Balakirev 1869) I could not take my eyes off his hands even though he was a very handsome man.

Two reasons this morning for posting the first to announce the winner of the Pillsbury Giveaway and to tell you the story of how Ms. Pearl came to life.

My lucky winner was chosen from using the faithful random generator that is so awesome for choosing your winner. It chose number 15 which just happened to be Nezzy of Cow Patty Surprise!

So happy Nezzy that you won one of my giveaways and if you will email me your address, I will send it to the little dough boy so he can send you your $15.00 gift certificate and other goodies. Remember share your biscuits with your cowhands too. Another company approached me too so I will be having another one soon.

Let me see if I can make this short telling you about the beginning of Ms. Pearl. Several years ago we had an inmate incarcerated in our jail for at least two years and during this time he was our chief cook and bottle washer. Without his help in the kitchen and other areas there would have been days his fellow inmates would have gotten by on some pretty sad meals. Kevin knew how to handle a grill and whipped up some meals that were pretty darn good even if it was in jail.

He not only worked in the kitchen but helped out with supplies and other things. One day I was having trouble with a rowdy female inmate who was refusing to cooperate with me locking her in her cell. Now I am from Texas and yes I do tend to exaggerate at times but this is not one of those times. This woman was every bit of 5’10” and weighed maybe 195 lbs. Ornery as hell and did I mention brought in for assault.

Well Ms. Ornery and I were down the female hall and I had opened the vault that gave me access to opening her door and as luck would always have it she started calling me a few choice names and refusing to go in the holding cell. I must have not had very much sleep the night before because she was getting on my last nerve. Thinking that she and I were alone in the hallway I like a fool slammed the vault door shut put the big heavy keys in my big pockets and told her if that was the way she felt about me to just come on with it.

Now in all honesty I grew up protecting myself against four brothers who liked to fight but never did I ever tell someone just to come on and get a piece of me. How darn foolish is that besides being stupid. Hahaha

She took a couple of steps toward me and then started talking about cameras and how much trouble she would be in for hitting an Officer. I assured her where we were there were no cameras and to come on or get in the cell. After a few more ugly names thrown my way she stepped inside the cell. Thankfully and nervously I reopened the vault and locked her down. Much to my surprise when I turned to go back the other direction Kevin was standing there with a mop in his hand. He had a look on his face that I will never forget and then totally out of place for an inmate he asks me if I had lost my mind. Lol

He then proceeded to tell me that this woman was known for assaulting and beating the living day lights out of people. I of course tried to act unconcerned all the while cussing at myself underneath my breath.

Turns out later that day I heard him in the kitchen with other inmates telling his version of the story. I have to tell you it was much funnier than the one I could ever tell. This man has a way with words. He has all of them laughing and then he tells them Ms. Maggie has a Ms. Pearl inside her that they should not ever bring to surface. From that day on if I ever raised my voice about anything Officers and Inmates would say oh hell Ms. Pearl is here today.

Now you know how I came to be called Ms. Pearl. Months after this I looked up the name Margaret and it means Pearl. Can you imagine my surprise? Then I realized my Mama named me and her twin sister was named Pearl and she was Ruby. After all these years of wondering why they picked Margaret I think I know the answer.

Enjoy your week! I have to get better because my kids are coming Saturday (can you tell grandmayellowhair is excited) and my house looks like Ms. Pearl lives here along with her friends.

We are going to my brothers for a small family reunion. Any suggestions on side dishes or desserts I could take. My brothers are fixing bar-b-que for the main dish.

Love to all



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