Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Review and Giveaway!

Great news for a change! I am too excited because I have been given the opportunity to do a Review and Giveaway for Pillsbury Grands Frozen Mini Biscuits. These are the new freezer-to-oven Mini biscuits that in just a few minutes you will have warm, fluffy and fresh biscuit from your oven.

You know me with all that is going on in my life I look for something easy and fast but yet yummy. This is what I found when I tried the Pillsbury Mini Biscuits. Let me tell you nothing beats a couple of these with butter and honey. Yep just heat your mini biscuits up dab some butter on them while their warm and pour the honey on....then sit back turn your computer on and pull up Just Between Me and You!...hahaha

Each 70-calorie biscuit is a delight when served hot from the oven, with a warm fluffy center and golden, flaky crust.

Whats really nice is these biscuits come in a frozen package where you only take out how many biscuits you want to fix. Not like the can where you have to fix them all. Just put the rest back in the freezer for the next time your hungry for something really good.

Since I had to fix breakfast for Gary the other morning before his treatment at MD Anderson I decided that he needed a little more than how I usually eat so I scrambled him some eggs, heated up some precooked ham slices, added some cheese and made him some little sliders to take with him on his trip. Talk about fast and easy yet so delicious. He loved them and told me I could make his breakfast anytime.

Now for the really great news you too can make someone special their breakfast by entering my giveaway. You will win a Pillsbury Grands! Mini Biscuits prize pack which includes a VIP coupon good for a free package of biscuits, a $15 gift card to purchase your whatever you want, a biscuit basket, a butter dish and spreader! How cool is that!

To enter leave me a comment on this post by midnight Sunday September  October 17th and tell me how your family would love to have their Pillsbury Grands Mini Biscuits served to them.

I will choose one lucky hungry winner by using the handy Random Generator.

Thanks to Pillsbury and My Blog Spark I was able to do this review and giveaway. For more information and recipes, visit (Please note all the prize packs and information were all given to me from Pillsbury through My Blog Spark.)

Once again I can not tell you how much I appreciate all the comments about my concerns of my itching breast. This cream has helped stop the itching but I am still in search of a new doctor and another oppion. We must all take charge of our own bodies and needs when it comes to the getting the care we all need. Please read the my previous post about Inflammatory Breast Cancer it could save your life or someone you love.

I hope you are having a great week and let me know what you think of my first review. It was nice to be contacted about having this giveaway. If you win you will love the biscuits plus the the butter dish and knife are really nice. Your $15.00 gift card can be spent anyway you wish to spend it.

Love to all



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