Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Was He Looking At Me!

No Silly Not Tinkerbell shes a girl! Even though she is looking at me here... I needed my computer to do this post and look when I found it my fat little darling  was on top of it. Sorry Tink calling you fat is like the pot calling the kettle black or something like that!

OK enough about Tinkerbell lets get on to the reason I was looking for my computer. You know I am still going to pool therapy and having to parade around in a darn bathing suit which to say the least is like one of those horror movies showing now around Halloween.
Well I am in the pool doing some kind of neck exercise and in walks this guy who I had seen there a couple of weeks ago. He looks around the room and when he sees me he lit up like the fourth of July! I could of imagined this since I my head was leaning sideways and I had taken a pain pill not to long before this so it could of been my imagination.

Then he slides real sexy into the pool and swims over to me. Yeah to me the woman with her neck and chin doing things that are not pretty and he says, "Hi Maggie I am Johnny!"  Well I can not in all honesty tell you what I did next. I was so shocked that I don't remember if I straighted my head back up to the normal position or if I kept it tilted to one side. I don't even know if I said hello. Hahahaha

First of all I was thinking he called me Maggie. I mean yeah that's my name but how did he know it. Then he turns around to go over to the instructor and he has a woman's name tattooed on his not too bad looking shoulder. You know me working in Law Enforcement I have a thing about tattoo's. I immediately think of inmates. lol

In a few minutes he is back over not far from me doing his leg exercises so I guess he has had knee surgery or something and he starts talking to the instructor. He mentions he worked for the railroad for thirty years and was retired from there. But I think he might be still working because he looks to young to be retired. Then they start talking about meals and he tells her he cooks all the time. I should of told him about my giveaway but I was too busy trying to hurry up and get out of the pool. hahaha...
Then he turns to me and ask me if I know any good recipe's for cooking chicken in the oven. I am not lying to you I looked at him like what is a oven or what is chicken. I am sure it was one of my dumb looks that I can surprise people with.  I got over being shy when I worked for a men's prison for 15 years but all I could do was stutter...real slow well my sister-in-law fixes the best fried chicken in the oven. He waits on me to tell him how she does it and I am wishing that Scottie would beam me up out of that pool into the safety of my home. lol
Finally after staring into his pretty eyes for way to long I said, "For some reason I can not think of her recipe but if your going to be back here Thursday I will have it for you then." He smiled and said he was going to be there Thursday afternoon so now what?

I know you your laughing thinking how silly of me. First of all it is silly because I am sure the man did not light up like the fourth of July when he saw me. It has been too long since I have seen that look so I probably don't even know what it looks like anymore and he looks too young for me and I was in a bathing suit for gosh sake. No one in their right mind would look at me in a bathing suit. haha

Anyway I can not believe I act so silly when a nice looking man tries to talk to me. What am I in the 4th grade again. I guess it's because I know those days are behind me. I made up my mind several years ago no more dates or relationships with men other than friends. Now I will be nervous all day tomorrow thinking about going to the pool at 3:30....anyone want to take my place?

Hope you entered my giveaway! I am hoping one day that one of these sponsors ask me to give away a Kindle, Ipad or Lap Top...I bet I would not be shy then. Me being shy is just too funny when I think about it.

Here are some flowers that I wanted to show you. Can someone tell me what this big pink one is? I love it.

Hundreds of butterflys out today! I thought of Sherry over at Country Wings In Phoenix and her sweet story about her neice Amy who lost her battle to cancer! 
OK I know I should know what these purple balls are but can not think of their name.
The white ones below are White Lantana.

Our friend Marydon  had cancer removed yesterday off of her nose and I am asking for prayers for her. She is such a blessing to all that know her. Her site is Blushing Rose  so be sure and wish her well. Lot's of my sweet friends out here need your sweet prayers so click on my friends list and check and see how they are doing.

Gary has had his second round of Chemo. He told me over the phone last night that he faired pretty good this time. While riding in his girlfriends convertible his hair was blowing away. I guess that is one way to let it go. Bless his heart! He did not make our family reunion because of his treatments and I know that was one of my reasons for being sad.
Appreciate all the prayers you are sending to heaven for me and my brother Gary. I know he appreciates you too. I need prayers for getting closer to my kids. God I love them but I don't think they realize how much.

Well guess I should go and see if I can get something done. Just wanted to share my pool therapy adventure I had yesterday with you and these pretty flowers I am sitting in right now.
Love to all!


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