Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Adults Only!

Good morning! My brain is still not working so thought I would share some pictures today instead of my long stories.

Hope you are having a wonderful day! I promise my brain can not stay scrambled forever or could it?

Still thinking of all of you and hoping your not in a fog like me. You don't think the pain pills have finally damaged the ole brain do you?

Like this morning I was putting my make-up on and talking to Christi in the other room ...double tasking or anyway whatever...I was telling her about not sleeping last night and I went on a site where a woman was talking about having a birthday and was really really old so I kept reading it and then she says she just turned 40. Of course, Ms Pearl came out and thought this woman thinks she is OLD! How then would she relate to me. What would she call ME! A freaking dinosaur! So I tell Christi about this post and then I say, "Just wait til that woman is a grandma getting out of her grandsons lower bunk bed after reading him a bed time story and farts so loud and long the guys next door call to check on their neighbor!" Seriously thats when she can complain Right!

Love to all



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