Friday, November 26, 2010


Just got home from the movies with my daughter Christi and a friend of hers Tammy from her high school days.  We saw Burlesque with Cher and Christina Aquilar and with risking my reputation here in blog land I actually enjoyed the movie. I know it has received terrible reviews but the three of us really liked it.

Those two girls are in the living room laughing and catching up on old times. It is fun to hear them laughing just like the ole times.

It made me feel young and that I could get up out of that chair and swing my legs up and shake my boobs just like they were doing. Well you will be glad to know that because of my back I kept seated. lol

Cher has no wrinkles so I guess Botox does work. Chrsitina belted out some good songs and Cher preformed two long ones herself. The costumes were everything I always wanted to wear when I had a figure but never did. Now I would be shot if seen in one of them.

This short wig that Christina put on for several songs was too cute. I wore my hair similar to this at one time and have wanted to again. You can not see how cute a cut it is from this picture.

I am glad I did not read reviews of the movie before seeing it because it would of kept me at home. It reminded me of the movie Chicago but of course not as good.

So yes I liked it. Silly as it may have been it was fun watching to the three of us. Let me know if you have seen it and what you thought of Burlesque.

Hope you had as nice of a Thanksgiving holiday as I did with my family. Everything was good about the day especially Kaci and Bailey entertaining us. They played sherades and were too darn funny. I had them write our names for place settings on some cut out pumpkins. Then I let them decide how they wanted everyone to sit. It was great fun for them and turned out great how they had us setting. I loved it.

If I had not fixed a lot of things a head of time there is no way I could of enjoyed my day. Who wants to be in the kitchen cooking the whole time. I found the best ever corn recipe from a blog that Christi fixed for us and I thought it was better than any corn I had ever eaten. It was a big hit. I will have to find the site and give it to you.  My son Chad made the best Pumpkin Cheesecake too. Wow yummy. My dressing thank goodness was really tasty and yea for leftovers. lol

The best thing about this week is Christi came here for the whole week to help me so I would not over do it with my back. What a big help she was with everything. She will be leaving tomorrow evening and I will miss having her here. She even offered tommorrow to put up my Christmas tree and my take her up on the offer.

Well I am off to try a piece of that cheesecake again. haha  Starting in January my goal is to loose 36 pounds by October of next year. Gary and Sherry are getting married at her home place in Tennessee so Sherry and I have made up our minds to do it. Want to join in on the fun? It will be hard but I so want to do this.

Gretchen finally made it back from London and she loved it there. Can not wait to catch up on her trip.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Sweet Dreams



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