Friday, November 19, 2010

Grandma Heaven Tonight!

You will never guess where I am doing this post. I am sitting in my granddaughters Kaci's closet! Yep today was my precious Kaci's birthday and while she is catching a few hours of sleep before her big birthday party tomorrow with all her friends I thought I would catch up with my friends. What better place to hide but in your granddaughters closet full of all of her dolls (well not all of them), stuffed animals, books and of course the cutest little outfits in the world.

I am tonight in Grandma Heaven. Bailey my grandson and I played a few games of something with rabbits falling in a hole. Of course the trick is not to fall in the hole. Then I read him and book and he went right to sleep. Kaci and I laid in her bed whispering to each other until she fell a sleep. I of course was too excited to sleep so I thought hey free WiFi and so the closet seemed like the perfect place to play without waking anyone up.

Kaci ask for a doll for her Birthday so off to Target on Monday when I went to the pain doctort. I found the cutest doll that does everything but wet her diaper. She walks, talks, giggles, drinks her bottle and if she falls over on her face she tells you it is okay Mommy I can get up and that is just what she does too. Kind of creepy watching this doll fold herself up until she manages to stand and start walking again. lol

While watching Kaci laughing and playing with her I could not help but think about the dolls I had and none of them could do anything but lay there and look at me with their big blue eyes. I remember one doll I washed her hair so much that towards the end of her life she looked like she had stuck her finger in a plug and had been lit up. Her hair just stood straight out. hahaha I still have my Tiny Tears doll and she is wrapped in a baby quilt my grandmother made for her. One day I will have to part with her and the quilt and let Kaci add it to her collection.

I have missed visiting with you this week. I have lots to tell you about my week but will do it another night. Probably not in a closet though.

Gretchen finally returned to the North Forty last night and then I ran away today before she and I could really visit about her trip to London. So looking forward to visiting with her Sunday and hearing about what kept her away for three long weeks.

Before getting here tonight I stopped by my daughters Christi's  house and she had a date with a very handsome fellow and they insisted I go with them to dinner. If it had been a first date I would of got out of it some way but she has been seeing him for a little while and I enjoyed my chance to get to know him. I was hoping maybe he could spend Thanksgiving with us but he is going to Calif.

Tomorrow I will get to be with my oldest son for a while since he has moved back here to Austin again. I am so looking forward to our visit and then Sunday I think all of us are getting together for brunch to continue our big Birthday celebration.

Hope you are having a fun weekend too! These are the times that I just love to have with my family. Hard to believe that I am so blessed.

Do not forget to enter my CSN giveaway that ends Sunday night at midnight. I do wish I could send all of you a gift certificate to this wonderful store but someone will be the lucky winner.

Well I need to close I am starting to see double. Plus in the morning will come early and the party is at 10:30 and grandma yellow hair needs to get some rest.

Sweet dreams



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