Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Cooking Class!

How are you? Things have been sort of out of balance here at the North Forty this week. You know the famous saying if it’s not one thing it is another.

At night I find myself waking up and the ole brain starts thinking about dozen different things and then I can not go back to sleep for hours. Mostly been thinking of you! Life for me changed when I started this online journal and never guessed I would end of with so many kind souls as friends. Now I hurt when you hurt and a lot of you are hurting and going through so many things in your lives right now and I so wish I could make things better for you. Just know my thoughts are with you and I am just an email or phone call away.

Last week I mentioned to you that I had gone to a cooking class at Festival Hill. The Chef John Reynolds was the former Executive Chef to Vice President Spiro Aqnew. This was their first time ever to have a cooking class at Festival Hill therefore with a couple of suggestions from the ladies that attended I am sure the future classes will be even more interesting and informative.

Before the chef gave his demonstration on cooking Stuffed Pork Loin he and his staff served a delicious lunch with of course the main dish being Pork Loin. My favorite side dish was a brown rice dish that had raisins, green onions, and pecans in it. It was so good that if I had been at home I would have had seconds or thirds of this. If I ever get the chance that recipe is going to be mine.

I have to admit to you that at times he totally lost me. There was a lot to this dish not anything like I imagined. I guess because he had so many different things going at one time. My hope was to leave with a hand out of this recipe but it was just everyone taking notes and to be honest I would have to borrow someone else’s notes to fix it exactly like he did. In truth while trying to write this post I can not make heads or tails of my notes. lol

Totally confusing what I am looking at to pass on to you. Sorry I had no idea my notes were so scattered.

What I do remember he started out by cutting the loin right down the center and then butter flying it where it would lay flat. His favorite knife in the kitchen is not the $300.00 one he showed us but a Dexter Knife that cost around $20.00.

He does not cook by recipes and therefore this meant no exact measurement of anything he used. A normal work day for him starts at 8am and does not plan menus ahead of time so when he gets to work then he makes the decision on what he will be serving. According to him his meals are always on time for over a hundred people, most often healthy as well as delicious. I had no idea that large group of people work, live and volunteer out there on a daily basis.

The stuffing consisted of a moose that he pureed consisting of the ends he cut from the loin, eggs, and thick cream. While this was being pureed, he sautéed onions, and mushrooms. To the onions and mushrooms he adds Sherry Wine (or you can use Brandy), tarragon, salt and pepper. If I remember correctly he mixes these two mixtures together to make the stuffing. Confused yet? After putting the stuffing on top of the loin he adds pistachios and sliced green and red peppers. Your now ready to close it up and bake at 325 for 1 ½ hours. He closes it up with wooden skewers and places in a deep pan with foil over the top.

Sorry this was a poor post about my cooking class. It was interesting to watch but with these notes I have are very confusing. If you still reading this your truly are a dear friend of mine because I would of probably left about 5 paragraphs ago. hahaha

The weather has changed in the last few days and I am already dreading ole man winter. Tonight the weather man predicted it will get down to 38 degrees tonight and I know to some of you that is nothing but to this sissy in this old house that is cold.

My plans for this winter was to have my room upstairs finished before it turned cold but it is a long way before I can sleep up there. Hopefully it will not be long. I am so wanting to hide up there this winter. lol

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I have missed doing my Temptation Mondays and was thinking I should do something like that with the holidays coming. Can you believe this is November?

Stay warm, snuggle up and sweet dreams




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