Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Secret Guest!

Do you recognize this lovely lady?

How about now? Maybe if she had her pink hat on you would know her.
If you guessed Marydon at Blushing Rose you got it right!

This is Marydon and Harold Ford who surprised me with a visit while they were here in Texas. Needless to say when she told me they were coming to see me I was stunned and it actually did not sink in until they were here.
Marydon and Harold make quite the pair. They can actually finish each other sentences and are a joy to watch them together. It is comforting to know that there are happy loving couples still existing together and that is one thing I have enjoyed from all of you is reading about your happy marriages.

Marydon surprises her fellow blogging friends with visits. Mine was preplanned but she told me that all of her other visits are just a knock on their door. She then tells them they have a delivery and she gives them one of her beautiful Christmas Ornaments. Thank goodness I had a few days to pick up around my ole farm house because that girl took some pictures. lol  Being in law enforcement I don't show my pictures very often but hard to tell this Maryland girl No!

Since this was such a special visit I had to cut some roses and bring out the best China and Crystal.  Of course I had to use my pink china since I know Marydon is a pink lady too. Blogging friends deserve the extra attention. I even took off my patch work quilt that I use for a table cloth and put my favorite one that my Aunt Dorothy made for me years ago.

I changed the menu three or four times after talking to Marydon about what she could eat. Turns out I went simple with a Chicken Salad, cold cuts, different cheeses and crackers with lots of fruit. For dessert I made a cheesecake with cherries on the top.

We visited for several hours and got to know each other better. It was my very first time to meet a online friend and it is a day I will always look back on and smile. If you follow Marydon at Blushing Rose you know how sweet and kind she can be. Well let me tell you once you meet her you know instantly that she is a good good friend to keep.

What a blessing this visit was for me and it made me want to meet all of you. Two days and seven months ago my life changed forever when I hurt my neck and back at work. It was a horrible accident and I honestly think that I have ruined my back and may never be able to work again. Today proved my fears when I could barely get out of bed this morning.  What I am getting to is without you out here in this world of blogging I would of never made it through these 7 months but you have left me generous notes of encouragement and you even read my post that are just plain silly. hahahaha Believe me when I say I appreciate each and everyone of you. I am so very Thankful for my dear sweet friends out here and looking forward to being like Marydon one day and just knock on your door. lol

Gretchen invited me over for Taco's tonight and so I am looking forward to catching up on her writing and trip to London. She mentioned having Tommy Lee Jones as the main actor and director for one of her screen plays so I volunteered to be his wife. I mean someone has to do it. Right?

Love to all



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