Sunday, November 28, 2010

Offended by the book Simple Times!

Hello to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed all the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Myself if I see a Turkey anywhere near me in the next few weeks I will have to run the other way. Too much eating for me in the last few days. Now I have a inner tube look about me around the middle of my body and I am truly upset with myself.

Been wanting to do a post about a book I had bought to giveaway on here but after getting the book home and taking a closer look at it I have decided it would be in bad taste to give it as a gift to my friends.  The book is Simple Times by Amy Sedaris(crafts for poor people). I bought this book thinking it was a book about crafts and that you might enjoy it. I was offended by the contents of this book not only with the pictures but the writing.

Yes Amy Sedaris is a well known comdedian but this grandma did not recognize the name when I bought the book and if I could get my money back on it I would. One Chapter is about the craft of Making Love. The pictures are way tacky for a craft book and while reading this chapter and others I could not believe that I was holding a CRAFT book in my hands. Very misleading to someone not familar with Amy Sedaris.

Here is a small paragraph from the book. Please note it is offensive so you might want to pass on reading further.

Sexual Missteps:

A healthy sexual encounter can be a frezied affair, an unrestrained flurry of senseless depravity. In the moment, gripped by a chaotic orgiastic euphoria, it's easy to cross the line of good judgment. This includes playing too rough, screaming out past lovers' names, or attempting to lodge an appendage or toy in an orifice where you have not been thoroughly invited.

CAN you believe this is from a Craft book. I am still in shock that I bought it and was going to have a giveaway with this as the gift.

Also through out the book there are inserts by two other people Jean and Gene Woodchuck and the language these too use will make you want to wash their mouths out with lye soap. In one insert their talking about U.S. grade-A humping except not with each other they believe in an open marriage, wide open; the swinging door has come off the hinges open. They say we found it is that the best way for us to share is by sharing ourselves with strangers. Do you believe this? Yes this is part of a book I thought was for crafters.

Sure there are some pages devoted to crafting but their nothing you would want to make. One chapter I found also offensive was the Crafting for Jesus.

I googled reviews on this book and this is one I found. Wish I could remember who wrote it:

Do not be fooled. Amy Sedaris' latest book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (out November 2) isn't about crafting with a twist. It's just twisted. Sedaris says it best in the introduction: "It's often been said that ugly people craft and attractive people have sex. This book is not going to dispel that ridiculous fact." Indeed, notable Sedaris do-it-yourself-at-home crafting ideas include a Cut-Rate Sandwich Bag Condom made from Saran Wrap and Franco's Clothespin Jesus, a crucifix made entirely of — duh — clothespins.

What is particularly damning about this parody is the fine line it walks, interspersing its madness with recipes and crafting ideas that might actually be plausible to that special sock monkey doll enthusiast in your life. Gift buyers could run the risk of offending an authentic craft hobbyist if its pages hit too close to home. But Sedaris fans familiar with her last book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and nostalgic for the "hand-woven bread, homespun rocking chairs, oven-baked slippers, butter-churned pillow shams, and embroidered patchwork crisps" of their childhoods will not be disappointed.s.

Sorry Amy but I found your book totally offending and beyond anything I have ever wasted my money on. Now what to do with this book! Let me know if you have read this book and what do you think.

Sweet Dreams



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