Friday, November 12, 2010

Pat Searches!

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The other day I came across ole Barney in one of his many bloopers with Andy Griffith. As Andy's sidekick deputy he could really do some crazy off the wall things. It brought back some funny memories of  my days as an Officer.

If you have ever did a Pat Search of someone you will know that the first few times are always the most intimidating. I thought of my first one ever and wanted to share it with you today.

It was a male about 6ft 1" tall and thin build. I ask him to put his hands up on the wall and spread his feet. I always did the neck first and work my way down hopefully not finding anything on the individual.

I got to his knees just fine and then I felt something really hard on the right leg. You might say my eyes lit up exactly like Barney's did when something was not quite right. I took a step backwards to get out of his way in case he tried to move his hands toward me and I grabbed my handcuffs. When he realized what I was going to do next he then explained to me that he had a wooden leg.

Now what are the chances the first time you do a pat search and the guy has a wooden leg that makes you think OH God what now. Anyway I then pulled up his pant leg to confirm that this was true. I honestly was so relieved to find sure enough a big wooden leg.

Turns out months later he tried to beat a guy to death with this leg and was charged with a new crime and shipped off to another unit. Can you see the headlines. Man beats man with his leg. Weird.

Another time I did a pat search I recognized a name on the guys tag of his waist band. It was a name you don't see or hear much and I immediately remembered the name from a fellow high school classmate. I thought no way could this be him but you know Ms Pearl is going to find out. So she ask the guy his first name which checked out to be the same name. Then next I ask where he was from and yep he was from the same place I grew up. Wow! This guy had been voted the Class Clown and was very popular. I had always liked him along with most of the kids I graduated with. By now of course he is curious about my questions and I tell him I thought for a minute he was someone I knew but was mistaken.

I of course had to report this to the Unit Warden that I knew someone locked up there and he called me in his office and drilled me about how I knew him. I explained to the Warden that I was positive the guy had no idea who I was and would do everything possible to keep it that way. After thinking it over he decided not to transfer the inmate and so for several years every time I saw this guy I could not help but think of how things must of went so far wrong with him. Turns out this was not his first time down and after he got out that time if he was arrested and sentenced again he would be classified as a Habitual and serve a long long time behind bars. Needless to say I never saw him at any class reunions.

Hope you have been having a great week! I have to tell you yesterday I had a visit from a very special lady and I loved every minute that she and her husband were at my home. Looking forward to telling you about the sweet lady in the near future. Right now I will just leave you in suspense. It was the most wonderful visit and I shall always cherish that time we spent together. When I can I will post pictures of  the special day.

I am now at the library trying to finish this post before they close. My bytes are driving this ole grandma up the wall. Take it from me limited Internet service should be banned from our country. lol

CSN contacted me also about having another giveaway for them so be sure and watch for this. You will not want to miss it. I love this company and how they let me give you such great gift certificates. I think this one will be the same amount as the last one $65.00. What a great time to win that around the holidays.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Love to all



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