Saturday, December 11, 2010

Has It Started For You?

The Christmas Crunch that is starting for me has it hit you yet! Well it is freaking 3:00 in the morning and I have yet to close my eyes. Yep it finally hit me that Christmas is in two weeks and I am 6 weeks behind. Why on Why is it this way every year. I was laying in bed trying to figure out if there is 52 weeks in a year then why are the last 4 of them so crazy for me.

No outside lights this year because of my back so that upsets me and now I have my small little girly white tree up instead of my huge one because of my back and no one to help lift the big boxes. I did manage to decorate one mantle and the stairway but not pleased at how they turned out.

Gretchen actually told me the other night when we were sharing a frozen pizza that I was the most organized person she knew. Good gosh I must of looked at her like she had totally lost her mind. NO one and I mean No one has ever ever considered me organized. If so they sure durn kept it to their selves and we all know why.

One reason I can not sleep is I made the mistake and went to Wal Mart to pick up cat food and dog food. OMG was that a circus. I actually almost forgot the cat food and dog food. I spent three hours in that store because I thought I would shop for some things on Kaci's list. She wanted some new Barbie clothes and doll clothes.  After who knows how long I make up my mind between whether she would like the Cheerleading outfit, nurses outfit or out on the town outfits. hahaha Then I see the movies of New Moon and Eclipse and I stand there trying to remember if that is something Christi wants for her birthday coming up.

Now after those three hours everything on my body hurts and I am wide awake. Hard to believe this is what time I got up to go to work at the Sheriff's Department. Workers Comp gave me a man the other day to replace the woman. No not to keep but to be my whatever the heck they call it. Let's hope he does something to help me. I wonder if he could go Christmas Shopping for me.

I guess I should try to lay back down and see if I can sleep. If not I will get up and make Sue her fudge that she won from my giveaway. That was another reason I went to Wal Mart because she ask if I put nuts in it. I don't usually but since she said her grandmother put Wal Nuts in hers I thought I could do that little tiny thing for her. So don't tell her if you go by her site.

Enjoy some Wal Martians while I go back to bed ....wish me luck

Sweet Dreams


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