Monday, December 13, 2010

Ms. Pearl Again!

You must visualize this story I am about to share with you because there was not time for pictures and lets pray together that no one from the road got any shots of Pearl either. I am sorry but I had to share some more Walmartian pictures. Sad Wal Mart is the only place to shop in this small town.

Last night after Gretchen and I volunteered for the arrival of Santa at the local library we went back to my house for a big bowl of homemade chicken soup and of course cornbread. Well while I was making the cornbread Gretchen ran over to her house to put her PJ’s on because we decided it was going to be one of those girly nights with pajamas and a girly movie. I decided instead of my regular pajamas I would give my mother’s old granny gown a try and to make Gretchen laugh when she returned back to the house. Well laugh she did but how cozy that gown was since it dipped into the 20’s last night. lol

Anyway the closer to the end of the year I always realize how unhealthy I have ate over the year so I change my ways for a few months. This morning I actually was enjoying a healthy breakfast of oatmeal still dressed in my granny gown. Before I could take my second bite I heard this heart wrenching scream from a cat underneath my house. I ran to the front door and there were my two Tom cats Pretty Boy and Casanova waiting to be fed so I was glad it was not one of them. I knew then it had to be the little new stray female that had wondered to the ole farm house a month ago. Pretty little thing and I have tried finding her a home because two Tom cats are enough for me outside.

The way she was screaming I just had to help her if I could so forgetting about being in my granny gown I ran outside and found the opening going underneath the house and a dang Black cat that belongs to the cowboy next door to me was yes raping that poor baby. Made me sooooooo mad Ms Pearl came out. She tried everything with her big mouth to help but the stupid black cat knew I guess she was safe under the house. Considered getting my gun but knowing that the chances of not just hitting the black cat was one in a million so after screaming her fool head off Ms. Pearl grabbed the water hose with the sprayer on the end and turned it on high.

It helped scare the black cat home but left me just furious. The poor female came out later and I fed her. Of course she had scratches on her face. I have never killed a animal or man but it will be tempting the next time I see the black cat.

Also after it was all over with I realized how stupid I must have looked outside for the world to see an ole lady running around with a granny gown on. Just hope all the people driving by knew it was Ms. Pearl and not Maggie.  Never have I worn the thing before but when I do I parade around the yard screaming like the cat underneath the house. Back into hidding again for the granny gown and Ms. Pearl.

Hope your breakfast was quieter than mine and you are having a good day.

Love to all



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