Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh What A Night!


As I mentioned in my last post a friend of mine had an extra ticket to the Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly show last Saturday night and I joined her mainly to keep her from going to Dallas alone.

I do not follow Fox News but do turn it on now and then. I am familar with Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly but never had the desire to see them in person but it was quite the experience. Not following them like my friend I really did not know what to expect. The first part of the show Beck talked maybe 45 minutes and then O'Reilly came out for about the same length of time and after a short break they both came back together for another hour.

It seems when they were together they really got crazy and did not hold back on their views. Especially when it came to Obama and the women on the View. I knew their views about Obama and they assured the audience that even a jackass could run against him in the next election and win. They gave their views on who they thought would be the next President and then they started on the ladies of the View. I mentioned in my last post one of the things O'Reilly said about Joy Behar. Well that was bad but not near as bad as this. He said, " It's Saturday night and I guarantee Joy is at home with a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other talking to her cats. One day they will find her dead and eaten by her cats!"

Isn't that horrible to say about someone. Yet he got the laughs he was after. Then he had a few things to say about Whoopi which for some reason I can't remember but then he started on Barbara Walters. He talked about how old she was and that she should of retired 40 years ago. According to him no one her age should be in front of the cameras. He then said, "Everyday they hang Barbara upside down on a hook in a closet for at least four hours before she goes on the air." I gather he was saying they do this to get her blood flowing to her brain. I don't know but once again he brought the house down with laughs.

He also talked about Joy Behar and Whoopi walking off the stage when he was a guest on The View the last time and he said he loved it and he only wish the other three had disappeared so he could of promoted his book for the last 45 minutes of the show. I doubt very seriously he will be a guest on the View ever again. lol

Some of the program was interesting listening to their views but when they started pooping on people I was stunned and surprised that people paid what they did to see these two.

My friend loves loves Fox news. She goes to sleep listening to it. That night in the Hotel room I all but begged her to turn it off so I could sleep but she can't sleep without it. So it stayed on all night. lol

I have to tell you something really crazy about the two of us after the show ended we are sitting in the parking lot with a thousand other cars trying to get out of the parking lot. Barbara realizes that we have no gas. I look over and YEP we are past empty. Here we are stuck in traffic and on empty. We finally get out of the parking lot and instead of going back the way we came she decides to go a different route to find a gas station. I told her not too because I know little about driving in Dallas especially downtown and I know how easy it is to get lost in that city. Well she kept driving and soon we were in a part of town that no one wants to be in during daylight much less dark. Finally we see a station and we Praise God that we did not run out of gas. I made her stay in the car while I put enough in to get us to the hotel.

Would you believe that after we got the gas neither one of us had no glue clue how to find our hotel. Neither one of us knew the street it was on. All we knew it was the Marriott. We discovered this when I ask Barbara about her having a GPS in her car. She said she did but never had used it and then I ask her the name of the street and she did not know so I realized we were in the bad part of Dallas with no clue where to go to and what address. So we turn around try to go back the way we came and ended up really mixed up.

I hate to admit to you how long this went on. Poor Barabara was getting really upset so I made her pull over and let me drive. Not that I knew I could do better I just felt so bad for her. So while I am in the drivers seat I notice a ON Star thing on the rear view mirror. I asked her if she had On Star and she said Yes and I was like OMG we have been lost all this time in the ghetto and she has On Star. You just want to bang your head on the steering wheel. I pushed the button and explain to the young man our problem and he can tell we are both beside ourselves by this time and he tries to calm Barbara down. Finally he gets the addresses of the Marriotts for us and we realize the one we are at and he talks me street by street up to their driveway. I wanted to kiss the young man.

The way we were acting while he was on the phone with us I am really surprised that he did not call the police and have them pull us over. He had to have thought we were both drunk. I mean it was totally two ole women freaking out because this had been going on way too long.

I still can not believe that help was just a button away. Lord help me! Of course we could laugh about it the next day but boy was it not funny that night. hahaha

Then back at the hotel I am putting my Jammies on and realize that my diamond tennis bracelet was no longer on my wrist. I hardly ever wear it because I am always afraid of loosing it well I did loose it and whoever finds it will have a early Christmas present. I don't have a lot of diamonds so I really hate that I lost this.

Don't forget to enter mine and LuLu's giveaway. It ends today at midnight! Good luck to all of you that enter.

Hope your having a good week. I am trying my best not to panic wtih the holidays being so close. I have been known to do that. Been busy the last few days making candy. Take care and Love to All



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