Monday, December 6, 2010

There Is A Name For It BUT What Is It!

How are YOU! Boy it is cold this morning so I going to write this post really fast so I can warm my brain and hands up.

This past weekend was a wild ride in more ways than one. My friend and boss had tickets to see Glen Beck and Bill O' Reilly for their Fresh and Bold tour around the country so after debating about it for several days I agreed to go. It was a roller coaster ride from the time we left the house until I landed at my door last night. If you can picture two ole women who function pretty good on their own mentally day to day but when you mix the two it is like an that oil spill in the gulf.

I know YOU call me a tease but I promise in a few days to write some of those spills we had on our adventure. This morning I have to tell you my experience on the way home from her house. First of all before you read this and judge too harshly remember I had just experienced more things in two days than I had in a lifetime. So with that said here goes my hopefully not too long story.

I left my friend safe and sound at her gorgeous Victorian home and started for my trip home.  My neighbor Gretchen had been waiting to hear about my trip so I phoned her while driving home. Well the two of us laughed and talked almost all the way home. In all honesty it was me talking and her laughing.....about 40 minutes later I can not for the life of me figure out my lights. It was turning dark and I had my lights on already but I could not see very well. I told Gretchen that something was not right. You know how your use to seeing everything a certain way when your driving and I was just not seeing it. Everything looked so different. Even the inside dash lights were barely noticeable. I kept fooling with my lights thinking this ole fool had forgot to turn them on but no they were in the on position and no one seemed to be having a problem with me and I could see the road but just not that well. I hate to admit this to you but this went on for a lot of miles and I even told Gretchen several times I just can't figure out these lights.

Well about 5 miles before I get to the ole farm house I feel something on my face. Yep I had glasses on. I reached up telling Gretchen why would I have my glasses on because I only wear glasses to read. I jerk them off and immediately I can see. It was like someone had turned the lights on. YOU guessed it! I had my sunglasses on the whole time. It seems I was so excited to tell her my adventures that when the sun went down this ole woman did not remove her sunglasses.

Is that not scary? Hope my kids don't read this it might get them busy choosing my rest home a lot sooner.
Of course, that just gave Gretchen another reason to laugh out loud but for me it was like OH GOD what is wrong with me!

About the Glen Beck show. I am not a Fox News junkie but my friend is and I know from the crowd that was there she is not the only one. I do have to tell you one thing he said that blew my mind. He was talking about the President and how he did not handle the oil spill in the Gulf and then he says," If they would have just used Joy Behar  mouth to cover the leak it would of solved two problems. ''
He of course got a lot of hoorays for that remark.  Joy Behar is the red head on The View. I don't keep up with that show either. In fact I am wasting my money by paying for Dish TV. 
Of course when Bill O'Reilly appeared on stage he joked about the women on the View and how they walked out on him while he was there on their show. He loved it that they did that just more publicity for him. Wait til I tell you what he said about Barbara Walters. WOW

Keep in touch for my continued coverage of my trip. But right now I want to remind you of my giveaway that ends on the 8th. Have not a clue what day the 8th is on this week but I am sure it is soon. So if you have not entered please go to that post and sign up to win a very generous gift certificate from our friend LuLu Kellogg.

Off to clean my bedroom and find something warm to put on I am freezing. lol....I need to make candy and decorate too. Christmas was so much more fun when I was a kid and all I did was search the house for hidden gifts and wait on Santa. Now it is run here, buy that, do this, don't forget that, make this, order that, decorate everything even the cat. hahahaha
Love to all


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